Enforcer by BoomLibrary Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Enforcer by BoomLibrary Review

Sometimes you are in need to add just that little bit more punch to a devastation sound effect. If you are a music producer, you need to enhance a recorded percussion that would be boring otherwise. The new Enforcer plugin can do this all and much more.

BOOMLibrary is manifesting with Enforcer a new generation plugin to push those subs, make sound effects bigger, create something new and in your face or create low-end sub sound shaking the audience.

Boom Library Enforcer Featured

Earlier this year Turbine by BOOMLibrary was released which was all about engine sounds and more like such as whooshes, robotics, sirens, elements, and bursts. This is the second tool in (as I hope) a line of excellent new plugins for next-generation sound design. BoomLibrary did send a review copy with no strings attached. We did receive Enforce before release and did have some time before the product was launched.


It is a plugin (VST, AU, AAX) you need to install, running on MAC and Windows in a wide range of supported DAWs (see details here). It does not work as a standalone application. The plugin requires the use of iLok.


One use case of Enforcer is to change music tracks and lower end instruments. You can push washy low-end drums and inject some punishment and live into them to allow those percussions to shine.

Boom Library Enforcer 1

For sound design, you can use this tool to take the sound to the next level, make it more in the face, if needed scary and more impactful. Tone can also change that they are placed in different relation to the audience or change the sound in a way where you wonder what kind of new weapon was used here.

For a sound designer, this tool helps them to add sub sweeteners simulating shots of a fully automatic weapon. I even did use this plugin to inject some life into existing WAV libraries from BOOMLibrary and other vendors. Take a look at the demo of Enforcer and start to created busting, body rattling sounds in the finest audio quality you are used to by BoomLibrary.

The way the tool works is to sit on a track as an effect plugin to which you feed the source sound.

Looking for a simple way to add punch to your drum parts, with this tool you can add punch, shine, and edge to a neat drum loop that requires something or an entire drum group that requires some uplifting.

User interface & Usability

A new UI was developed to make it easy to change the sound, with the included presets you have a good starting point to either create a new noise or enhanced you musical track.

Screenshot 2018 03 06 20.41.58

Rating:  Five out of five stars

I just love the new tools that BoomLibrary is launching. First the highly rated Turbine and now with Enforcer an excellent plugin effect tool to enhance sound effects, percussion, and general low-sub tones.

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