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5 New Synths in Syntronik Deluxe by IK Multimedia Review




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Syntronik Deluxe by IK Multimedia Review

Syntronik Deluxe is now a collection of the sound of most significant synthesizers. IK Multimedia added five new synths for the release of Syntronik Deluxe.

Existing Syntronik owner are able to upgrade to Syntronik Deluxe or obtain any of the new synths individually. With the additional instruments added you have now overall in the complete package of tons of instruments included, that is if you upgrade to the full package. In this article, we look at the 5 new ones added. IK Multimedia did send a review copy with no strings attached.


Use the Syntronik tool to install everything. Syntronik software takes care of everything. Patches need to downloaded manual from the sound banks in your user area. The sounds shown are depending on how many synths you purchased, the deluxe add on includes 5 new synths.

sound banks in your user area


With the release of Syntronik Deluxe IK Multimedia did take their existing complete Syntronik product, added five new synths and made that the Deluxe version of Syntronik. The fresh synths are  Memory-V, M-Poly, Modulum, SH-V, and VCF3.


Memorymoog is a classic 18-oscillator monstrosity analog polysynth. The Memory-V is modeled after this legendary synthesizer.

  • 5 GB of content
  • Over 6,000 samples
  • 148 instrument presets
  • 4 multis
Syntronik Deluxe Memory V
Syntronik Deluxe Memory-V


Korg® Mono/Poly and Polysix synthesizers have been the source hardware that this new synth was modeled after.

  • 4 GB of content
  • Over 3,000 samples
  • 100 instrument presets
  • 4 multis
Syntronik Deluxe M Poly Interface


This is all about analog modular drums. Syntronik used the Modular Moog, EMS VCS3 and Alesis Andromeda synthesizers and combined it to generate driving, powerful synth drums and percussion sounds.

  • 400 MB of content
  • Over 2,000 samples
  • 108 instrument presets
  • 27 multis
Syntronik Deluxe Modulum
Syntronik Deluxe Modulum


Roland® SH-5 and SH-2 have been known for the sounds used in many tracks from the past. With SH-V you can dive into that vibe and produce your own version with Syntronik next synth that has been added.

  • 4 GB of content
  • Over 5,000 samples
  • 100 instrument presets
  • 4 multis
Syntronik Deluxe SH V
Syntronik Deluxe SH-V


Some may remember the VCS3 by EMS. VCF3 is a characteristic 3-oscillator analog synth to generate otherworldly sound effects and more.

  • 3 GB of content
  • Over 7,000 samples
  • 106 instrument presets
  • 4 multis
Syntronik Deluxe VCF3
Syntronik Deluxe VCF3

The new Syntronik synths also leverage IK’s DRIFT technology. DRIFT was built to recreate the original sound of vintage synths. Without going into the nerdy technical details DRIFT simulates the vibe of the old synths that you experience the softsynths similar to playing the real hardware versions.

User interface & Usability

The UI is clear, has a good browser that you can use to find a particular preset to start with.

Syntronik Deluxe M Poly
Syntronik Deluxe M-Poly

There are plenty of effects included that you can dial in to further enhance or shape (sound design) the tone of the instruments.

Syntronik Deluxe FX

Rating:  Five out of five stars

The new additions to the Syntronik synths collection recreate the vibe and sound of the original vintage synthesizers with positively close to authentic results. Key is IK’s exclusive DRIFT technology that keeps moving the sound like real analog oscillators used in the hardware. The five brand-new Syntronik synths blend the greatest of mono-synth, modular, percussion, and polysynth into one neat additional package. The whole Syntronik Deluxe package combines up to 22 synths now when you obtain the complete package (Syntronik Deluxe is five new synths)

Complete Syntronik
Complete Syntronik if you buy all synths available

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