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Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound





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We all need a little relaxation from time to time. And what better way than with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound? Featuring 8 beautifully constructed packs by top producers, this bundle contains a wide assortment of warms pads, deep basses, evolving soundscapes, organic drums & textures perfect for getting that chill vibe.

Stratosphere by Elliot Berger

Stratosphere has everything you need to make your next track a hit. With several dope loops and one-of-a-kind samples, there’s no limit on what can be created with this pack!

Creator Elliot Berger’s music is all about the pure awesome sauce. His decks are always flooding the scene and charts with his signature style of cool, crisp goodness!

Perfect for Ambient, Downtempo, and Future Garage

With the release of his new pack, Stratosphere has shown just how versatile and powerful it is for producers. This is the perfect library for anyone doing Ambient, Downtempo, and Future Garage styles with a lot more.

Have you been looking for a new way to make your music stand out? Well, look no further than Stratosphere! This library has everything from bass loops and drums sounds all the way up through synth melodies.

It will help take any song into higher territory with ease thanks in part to its unique sound design that is sure not be found anywhere else on this planet – trust us when we say there isn’t another set quite like it anywhere near fit enough either aesthetically or functionally speaking.

Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound 1200X627
Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound

The synth pads and atmosphere are so overflowing with inspiration that it would be a shame to put them on just one track! It’s perfect for adding some extra creativity when you need more emotion in your music.

Inspired by artists like Sorrow, Direct, Vacant, Burial, Mr. FijiWiji & Asa.

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Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound 7


Chill out with the most chill sound design imaginable. A pack of pure, pristine ambiances to create your next big idea!

The sounds in this pack are so versatile that they can be used for any style of music. Whether you’re looking to create a chillout moment or add some deep gloom, these samples will help get your idea out there!

The Arctic Chill sample pack is an essential soundscape to create those chill, downtempo and ambient songs. From synthetic sounds that make you feel like someone has turned up the heat in a sauna all the way down to relaxing ambiances perfect for background music on long flights – this diversity will have something for everyone!

Laidback vibes, I’m coming home

The organic and lofi drums will set the deep, desired tone right away. By pairing the 120+ drums shots & loops with a euphoric melody and atmosphere, you’ll be able to create your very own unique rave track in no time!

This library wants to help you create a unique sound. Suggesting chopping up the melodic loops & elements and adding stacks of fx to these samples so that your music has more depth, dimensionality, energy – everything needed for creativity!

I’m ready to get started on my next project today. I have some ideas in mind but before we start making anything together let’s clear things up first by discussing what kind of artist (or band) YOU want people listening TO hear from?

All loops are tempo / key-labeled for easy drag & drop into your DAW. This means that they can be used in any type of song, no matter what style you want to create!

Put your production into a deep freeze with Arctic Chill today and start walking away from those nagging fears that have been holding you back.

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Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound 8


AK and Tim Schaufert have created a chill-out, ambient magical wonderland. Expanding the boundaries of sound, this sample pack provides a vast cosmos for sonic exploration.

The demo is a beautiful illustration of the expansive soundscape that can be made with this library. Vast and profound, crisp yet warm- it has everything you need!

For music producers who want to create chill-out Spotify playlists, yoga studio, and ambient soundscape in all the right places. Discover the infinite possibilities of ambient sound with Ambient Selection.


The sounds of the night are filled with an array of chirps, beeps and trills that make you feel like your heart is racing. The caffeine in those warm cups boosts energy as well so it’s easy for Midnight Chill to get people hooked on their music!

Tim Schaufert’s sound is as unique and trend-setting as he himself. With his latest pack Midnight Chill, you can find loads of lush loops and samples made with copious amounts of tingling textures.

If there was a way for something to be as warm as it is frosty this might just do the trick! Tim made a unique contribution to the development of ASMR with his hands-on approach by recording elements himself, before manipulating them even further through granular synthesis.

Imagine you’re in an underwater scene. The waves are crashing against the shore and it’s dark, with only sound to keep you company as your mind wanders off into its own world of wonderment!

A perfect track for those long nights spent reading or just relaxing before sleep – the soothing drone provides a sense that everything is right where it should be peaceful yet complex enough not nevertheless intense at times.

Modern artists in more modern times are inspiring and refreshing. Artists from the past like Haux, Billie Eilish, or even J. Views can be seen as an inspiration for the library producer who strives to make their mark on this world with creativity that’s never been seen before!


AK is one of the most sought-after sound designers in all of downtempo, chillout, and ambient music. This innovative pack will bring your ambient drums to life with a powerful, new tone.

You’ll find a variety of different sounds in this pack. You’re guaranteed to create some new and exciting ambient beats with just these 100 drum loops! These sounds are going to add such a beautiful atmosphere to your track, really giving you that spacious mix.

Please note this sample pack contains rimshots only.


Welcome to Morning Chill, the perfect pack for anyone wanting to produce those chilled-out flavors in Lofi-Downtempo style. With a wide range of instruments and effects that will take your sound from minimalistic chillout tracks all way up towards creative ambiance or even something edgier with some heavy sounds!

Loads of different ingredients to make your next Chilled out hit song. copious amounts, ample variety means you won’t get bored with what’s been done before and can experiment more freely without being restricted by past successes or failures!

The perfect loop and sample pack for the creative DJ. Every sound is perfectly labeled with tempo or key so you can easily find what fits your DAW of choice!

Designed to take your production level up a notch, this inspiring pack will give you some truly amazing loops and samples. Inspiration has never been so accessible!

Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound 728x90 1
Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound 9


Have you ever felt like there was more to life than what meets the eye? spiritual and sacred sounds can help guide our way. This journey of spirituality with Spiritual Ambience will introduce us all into this world where we’ll explore various cultures, traditions as well as take part in meditation exercises designed by experts who have been on that same path their whole lives!

Chill out and groove to the sounds of your favorite beats! These loops are perfect for any DJ. Drag them into a DAW or just use as is in Traktor Pro 2, with each sample labeled by BPM (Beats Per Minute) so you can find what works best without having an audiophile ear when mixing live at house parties all over town.

But rest assured, the adventure doesn’t stop there. If you look even deeper, you will find full music loops and entire song starters to get you going on the right path.

The instruments inside this blissful pack are so unique and inspiring, like a never-before-heard combination of percussion with synths. There are also sounds that will make your heart race as well as strings for those romantic moments between you and someone special!


Downtempo Delights has captured a sexy and unique sound that’s ready for your next production. This sample pack contains moody one-shot samples, as well loops made from live instruments so you can create the perfect deep house track in no time!

Deep, dirty drums; basses that feel like they’re tearing up your speakers with their grittiness. Acoustic music loops to put you in the mood for anything from sad songs about lost love or loneliness but also happy moments when things are just starting out fresh! Organic electronic sounds serenade us while we lounge around listening intently–perfect background noise before bedtime because it will make sleep come easier too.

These sounds have been treated with a special processing technique to make them perfect for downtempo and chill music.

You’ll never run out of ideas with this synth! 80+ serum presets and 4000+ samples mean that you’re guaranteed to find a sound for any project.

Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound 970x250 1
Discover the blissful sound of relaxation with this exclusive bundle by Black Octopus Sound 10

The Downtempo & Chillout Bundle is a must-have for anyone who wants their sound to be relaxing. For only $29.95 (instead of $199), you can get everything that the Black Octopus Sound bundle has to offer!

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