Celtic ERA by Eduardo Tarilonte Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 11 April 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Celtic ERA by Eduardo Tarilonte Review

Eduardo Tarilontes has added Celtic ERA to his famous line of ethnic sample libraries. Eduardo is known for highly praised instrument libraries: Forest Kingdom, Epic World, Era Medieval Legends, Cantus, Mystica, Shevannai, Desert Winds, and more. He uses Celtic ERA to provide a collection of traditional Celtic instruments and sounds.

Celtic ERA by Eduardo Tarilonte FULL UI


After adding it to the sample player, you need to authorize it (Challenge/Response) with the help of the Best Service website in your product area. You find in the same personal area also the files to download. This library requires the Best Service sampler player call ENGINE.

Celtic ERA is a 18-GB-heavy library (18,000+ samples in 24 bit/ 44,1 kHz).


Celtic ERA offers many instruments and organic soundscapes that allow you to produce authentic instrumental parts and atmospheric moods to picture. Many use these kinds of libraries to enhance their standard compositions.

Besides the excellent sounding instruments which are unique and have a very special vibe, you get the atmospheric and mystic soundscapes. An actual outstanding instrument is these very uncommon and unheard ones: Cranyx, Cornu, and War Horns. In every library, Eduardo Tarilontes includes some new and useful unexplored instruments.  Overall the instruments sound great and are very playable.

Celtic ERA by Eduardo Tarilonte

The recordings for Celtic ERA were produced in Eldana Studios (Dueñas, Spain).

List of Instruments:

Woodwinds: Irish flood, Irish whistle, Low Whistle, Highland Pipes, and Uilleann pipes

Strings: 2 Celtic Harps, Irish Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Irish bouzouki, and Tenor banjo

Strummed instruments: Acoustic guitar, Irish Bouzouki

Other Instruments: Carnyx, Cornu, War Horn

Keyboard instruments: Concertina

Percussion: Bodrahns

User interface & Usability

The designed UI is excellent, and the engine player is behind the market. If I focus on the look and feel Eduardo selected and the team came up with it is very usable and looks good.

Celtic Era Manual

There are several issues reported that an upcoming release plans to address. The player would benefit from a modern look and feel as it comes across a bit old style. The ENGINE itself caused some hanging and some rare crashes, it lacks a usable browser, misses UI scaling, and users have issues with their registration when changes occur.

2018 05 08 0001
Celtic ERA by Eduardo Tarilonte UI examples

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Celtic ERA allows you to absorb your audience into the Nordics and works very well to picture for fairy-tale stories. The included patterns give you access to authentic phrases ready to be used in your next score. The only drawback of this excellent library is the ENGINE player who is dated. The Celtic ERA collection is another leading niche ethnic virtual instruments library. If you work in that theme or want to spice up your composition with new sounds, this is a perfect fit.

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