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CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Review

CINEMORPHX (affiliate link) is layering sounds and dynamically manipulate them in an avant-garde way. It is a very usable collection of waving, growing pads, huge impactful drums, and loops.

CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Kontakt
CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Kontakt


You download the library with the Connect by Continuata. The library requires Kontakt 5 Player or Kontakt Full Version 5.5 or higher, you need 30 GB free disk space.

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CINEMORPHX (affiliate link) puts different layers of sound in motion. The sound content originated from older products from Sample Logic like Ambiences, Impacts, Rhythms. Sample Logic combined their best selling libraries and added a highly productive Interface. Sample Logic did produce 6000 new sound presets. It is a collection of massively shaped and treated sounds, targeted at producers and composers.

CINEMORPHX includes over 3,200 sound sources, 900 sound cores, 4,000 instruments.


Continuously sustained soundscapes that are static or full of organic motion

  • Bizarre – Unusual and experimental with a wide variety of motion and effects
  • Dark – Mysterious – Spooky, haunting, frightful, setting the tone for darkness and fear
  • Electronic – Effectual – Consisting of synthetic elements Mixed Emotions – Confused and blurred moods
  • Stingers – Ambient gestures with transient impact
  • World – Organic – Consisting of real-­‐world elements such as voices, flutes, etc.


  • Arpeggiated – Customizable tempo-­‐synced arpeggiator driven melodic loops
  • Organic – Melodic instruments derived from or invoking the sounds of acoustic instruments
  • Pads – Melodic and harmonic instruments with extended timbres
  • Synth -­‐ Morphed variants on synthesizer sounds
  • Traditional – Melodic instruments derived from traditional and ethnic instrument sounds


Sub-­‐categorized percussive and melodic sequences

  • Action Packed
  • Electronic – Effectual
  • Hat – Lite
  • Melodic -­‐ Harmonic
  • Pop-Hop
  • World Organic


  • Arpeggiated -­‐ Customizable tempo-­‐synced arpeggiator driven percussive loops
  • Impacts -­‐ One-­‐shot percussive hits.
  • Kits – Multi-­‐hit collections of percussive sounds
  • Traditional – Percussive instruments derived from traditional and ethnic instrument sounds
  • Transitions -­‐ Strategic rhythmic gestures for blending and bridging events and musical ideas

At its core CINEMORPHX is based on four sound engines, allowing concurrent playback of up to eight sound sources. Sample Logic did release several libraries which differ by the theme and genre it addresses. With these libraries, you have a large variety of possible sounds on hand. With a single key pressed to create a complete score with swirling, morphing forms, slowly musical loops, and dynamic sequences.

CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Arp
CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Arp

CINEMORPHX Multi-Core Instrument can include up to four sound cores, each with a fully individually controlled- everything is stimulating and continually vibrating. All sound sources and sound-sets are on a very high level.

User interface & Usability

CINEMORPHX (affiliate link)  has a  random function, which can apply randomization to each section of the instrument. You can select each section by enabling the randomization effect with the little “R” buttons distributed throughout the interface.

CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Main
CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Main

The instrument browser embedded in  CINEMORPHX enables you to pick the needed patches that use a single core and those that use multiple cores.

CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Browser
CINEMORPHX by Sample Logic Browser

With the help of the browser and randomize feature you can create up to 10,995,116,277,760,000,000,000,000,000 combination of new sounds.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

CINEMORPHX (affiliate link)  is a large collection of ready to use the sound that can be made unique with the included features. It is one of the main libraries for composers that produce to picture and TV & games.

There is a special campaign running right now in May 2018: Remeber to use the time-limited discount code CINE75 when purchasing CINEMORPHX (affiliate link).

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