Total Bundle 1 by Krotos Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 8 April 2019
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Total Bundle 1 by Krotos Review

Total Bundle 1 is a bundle of Libraries for Reformer Pro. Krotos did update in early May 2018 Reformer Pro to its latest version. We did already review the current version of Reformer Pro.  Krotos did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Reformer Pro by Krotos WAV Select


You install the libraries included in the bundle one by one, some are single libraries some are bundles you do install. Reformer Pro is required to use these libraries.


I did receive from Krotos the Total Bundle 1, which gets any professional sound designer ready for the next job. This total bundle is a comprehensive roundup of all Reformer Libraries. You receive libraries based on content from BOOM, SoundBits, Coll Anderson and the Krotos libraries. As the number one suggests it is a selection of existing sound libraries (see below) and there is room for Total Bundle 2 and more bundles. The Total Bundle 1 is part of the ecosystem which supports your sound needs. You can purchase additional ones and also add your own libraries in Reformer Pro.

The bundle helps you to create sound in motion pictures. The sound can then be used to add to existing sound, replace it completely and make the task of an Foley much easier and you are no longer depending on what has been captured while you have been on set. With Reformer Pro you can funnel the available input signal and uses the embedded dynamics and frequency to trigger samples from the included library to create a new hybrid output. In Reformer Pro you layer four libraries 4, there is also a pad that allows you to blend between the libraries used.

Reformer Pro Visualiser
Reformer Pro Visualiser

Boom Libraries:

Coll Anderson Libraries:

If you are professional and have your business depending on providing sound effects the costs of the Total Bundle 1 is beneficial to your bottom line. As a semi-professional, I would advise looking into smaller bundles and single libraries to build your overall library over time. From a business point of view, the Total bundle makes financially the most sense when you look at your costs.

Total Bundle 1
Some of the other libraries available at the Krotos store


To give you an idea what is included in the total bundle let’s look at some of the included libraries.

Cinematic Metal Bundle (Provided by BOOM Library)

This immense collection of uniquely designed hits is made for easy access to a wide range of different metal impacts.

Computer Sound FX 2.0 Bundle (Provided by SoundBits)

400ish designed computer interface, noise, glitch, alarm, bleep, processing, loading, interaction, malfunction, access, and 8-Bit-Sound effects.

Leather (Provided by Krotos)

A collection of subtitle clothing movements to impacts and many more, this is an excellent appetizer to the other clothing libraries from Krotos.

You can look here at the content of the Total Bundle 1, overall an excellent selection to get you started.

User interface & Usability

The libraries do not have an interface, you use the libraries in Reformer Pro where you have access to a simple to use Interface and allow you to select the sample used from each library assigned.

Reformer Pro by Krotos WAV Select


Rating:  Five out of five stars

Total Bundle 1 is an excellent starting point to work in Reformer Pro. As a professional, the costs of the Total Bundle 1 is beneficial to your bottom line instead of buying the single libraries one by one.

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