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Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review

Since Feb I did play with Regroover Pro by Accusonus to prepare this review. Regroover Pro extracts singe instruments (or hits) from loops at its basic level and comes with many advanced features that are uniquely combined in this plugin instrument.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review CT

Regroover uses Machine Learning. Machine Learning is at its core a set of rules and teachings that a machine understands. In other words there the developer coded some algorithms into the program to know how it can split up a drum loop. This is not an AI Machine Learning tool based in the cloud, it runs on your MAC or Windows machine.

For this review, I worked with Regroover Pro from Feb 2018 until the release of this review in June 2018. Accusonus did send a review copy with no strings attached. You do see in some images that there are 30 days of trail left. That happened after another 30 days extension when I made the screenshots.

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You install this tool as a plugin instrument for your DAW, with the obtained activation code you can enable the instrument beyond a trial period.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review Activation

I used the current (June 2018) version 1.7.6 in Cubase as a VST.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review Version used


The tool has many purposes, you can create new drum instruments by isolating hits from a loop. You can move sounds into sound design with the additional tool after extracting an interesting sound. Many may use this tool to replace a kick drum embedded in a stem you receive to give it a bit more bite or alternative turn it down.

The Machine Learning based audio analysis tool in Regroover Pro is doing an excellent job of isolating a particular sound. You get access quickly to snare from a full drum loop, or any other perc instrument that was part of the merged loop. The results are not always perfect and you can use the minimalist tools to adjust the results quickly. For example, add back the transient to a sound if it got isolatied.

The power of this tool is for me in two applications, one you can extract hits from a loop and enhance them to use them or use the application to create some new sounds. To give you an example I used the tool on 20th Century Cameras by SKYESAudio which is currently beeing review.

With the Regroover tool and the recordings from different film cameras included in the 20th Century Cameras. I was able quickly to isolate the shutter release, winder latch sounds, opening and close sounds and turn them into a percussive instrument. It was quick and convenient, parts that should stay together could be merged if needed and the separation of a specific sound was fast.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review Camera sounds split

Synths loops are also great to pass through Regroover. The loop is separated by the different frequencies detected.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review Synth Loop

User interface & Usability

The way these instrument works is that you load the Regroover Pro plugin as an instrument into your DAW and drag an audio file into the main screen. The tool analyses the audio clip and splits it up into parts or single instruments which can be played on your keyboard.

After the tool did split a loop, you can play the different sounds via your MIDI keyboard individually (C3–F3).

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review split

You can go through the simple to use UI further split and merge the single tracks until you have access to the sound that was embedded in a loop before.

At least in Cubase do not press undo, as it works on a Cubase level and could just remove the instrument (all data lost) when you work with the tool.

The maximum clip lenght is 30 seconds, you need to split up a clip if your source is longer than half a min.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review Max 30 Secs

There is a link to the manual included to qiickly access the documentation. Overall the flow and Interface takes a short time to learn and allows you to hit the ground running and make drum hits and more.

Regroover Pro By Accusonus Review Embedded Manual links

Regroover Editions

There are key differences when using the Pro version, you can take this table as your guideline on what to select.

SPLIT ENGINE Split (unmix) audio loops into distinct layers Y Y
Refine split results with custom annotations Y Y
LAYERS’ TAB Instant Layer remixing using snap-to-grid and loop markers Y Y
Trigger your layers via MIDI and re-arrange your loops Y Y
Adjust volume, pan, EQ, Gate, Compressor, Stereo Enhancer to any layer Y Y
Load and play expansion kits Y Y
Extract any sample or loop via simple drag and drop   Y
Extract your beat variations (patterns) as audio files   Y
Use multiple pattern lengths to create new straight beats or polyrhythms   Y
Unique Transient Shaper optimized for beat processing   Y
Analog-inspired saturator for all layers   Y
Apply external effects with multi-channel output   Y
EDITOR’S TAB Extract sounds from Layers and drag them to their own trigger pads   Y
Edit extracted sounds via the expansion kit mixer and effects   Y
Load external sounds to enrich your expansion kits   Y
Save expansion kits and create self-contained Regroover projects   Y


Rating:  Five out of five stars

Regroover Pro is a tool to generate new sounds, percussion and works wonder on non-percussive tracks. I do see this tool as a way to split out single drum hits from a loop you bought ages ago and take this tool to come up with new and fresh sounds for your work. Try it on other material across the whole orchestra and choir, experimenting with those non-percussive loops will surprise you with some new sound never heard in your studio.

Regroover Pro is doing what has been missing in my toolbox, it helps to generate new sounds from any source or can be used on drum loops to extract single hits that can be used or enhanced.

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