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Orb Composer Review by Hexachord

We are reviewing today Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) from Hexachord. There are plenty of tools available that are helping producers and composers to come up with new ideas or in for the less complicated need getting an EDM producer much closer to the next song. Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) is for the more experienced composer, and in reach for a producer with experiences.

Orb Composer Orchestra Template

Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) is a standalone application that supports several DAWs. In your DAW you can drive the available instruments of choice and record the MIDI in the DAW as well. We review the Pro Version – Hexachord did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You need to download the purchased version from the Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) website and register your copy. As a platform MAC and WIN are supported. See here (Affiliate Link) for full technical requirements. Orb Composer synchronizes with popular DAW software: Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper, Sonar, Live, Studio One, Reason.

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I used Orb COmposer with Cubase on an iMac. The compatibility depends on the version of the DAW used. Some DAWs are fully compatible, some are compatible with limitations, and some are not compatible – see the FAQ for latest details.


Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) is an excellent tool to create a song or score from zero. The software claims to be the first artificial intelligence software for composers. The Application is there to help and allows you to decide how involved the software gets when doing the job for you. Orb Composer is available in two versions: Artist to Pro, you can upgrade later from Artist to Pro. The difference between the two versions is detailed here (Affiliate Link). The Pro version is what I would recommend, as there is a full upgrade path you can start with the beginner version (Artist).

Orb Composer by Hexachord

With this tool, you can create a 3 min underscore immediately for a scene when you compose to picture. You can easily define the structure of the needed score, excite the audience or calm the viewer depending on what you need for the scenes. You can add instruments in Orb Composer to add color and richness, possibly ending up at a full cinematic orchestra. If it is too much, you can withdraw some instruments and adjust their role in the arrangement.

In this context, it is also straightforward to change sections and instruments. If the feedback is “pls use fewer woods, more brass” you can quickly adjust the instruments used and where their place is in the composition.

It is your stylistic decisions how the orchestra is developing the tension, playing an touching theme drive by the energy and significance you need.

It supports the import of the MIDI data of your melodies and to create your musical arrangement or orchestration. When you do score to picture you know how much time you spend when creating variations of the central theme. This tool helps dramatically on your time and effort spent on a project.

I did prepare the review over the course of several weeks Orb Composer Pro. It did take time to know the tool. Guided by some remarkably well made YouTube Tutorials I was able to produce new ideas quickly.  Setting up the target DAW takes now more time compared to coming up with something fresh.

Just before releasing the article version 1.1 was made available which added and enhanced several key features.

Version 1.1 Released June, 1st 2018:

  • Loop markers
  • Curves auto update clips
  • Chord inversions – the KEY feature in this update
  • Clips copy/paste
  • Chords copy/paste
  • Updating curves automatically update clips
  • Updated AI engine
  • 3/8 and 1/4 time signatures added
  • Empty template
  • Better humanization

I marked the key features for me new key features in bold (above).

User interface & Usability

When you launch the software, you need to select a model (orchestral, strings, piano, electro, pop-rock or ambient). This template can be linked easily to many DAWs. Hexachord includes many Orb Composer Templates (Affiliate Link) for the most commons DAWs. When the DAW is ready, you can start to compose, or better the tool guides you through the process of producing and allows you to go deep into all parts of the arrangement to enhance the results step by step.

Orb Composer is linked to your DAW via MIDI channels (virtual Midi cables) and allows you to record the send MIDI data in your DAW and use Kontakt and other virtual instruments for example in Cubase.

Orb Composer MIDI received in Cubase

The way to create songs is racing fast and gives you returns in an incredible fast way. Robot composer has risen. The UI is geared to help you to produce. You need to spend some time to learn the way the developer thought it all out, but it worth the time spend on your side to learn how to use the tool.

After creating the first version you can change the song to rather quickly to adjust the overall song, you can change the role of the instrument, articulation used and arrange the rank of the instrument.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Orb Composer (Affiliate Link) allows any composer to promptly produce a structure, arrangement, theme and harmonic progression for the next score. The results are considered advanced and are excellent based to be further developed. This tool is inspiring and the medicine against writers’ block without side effects. There are many tools available that are aiming for the producer and composer. Orb Composer is the leading tool for a composer with plenty of competition for a producer.

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