Speakerphone 2 by Audio Ease Review

Speakerphone 2 shapes any sound to become an exciting noise, locates sound into new places or creates the illusion that a sound or music is played through a device.  The plugin has some age and is still updated by the developing company as you can see here. This tool is for professionals that work on sound effects, sound design, and mixing; across all genres of television, game, ads, and film. Audio Ease did send a review copy with no strings attached.


Speakerphone 2 works on Mac OS X and Windows. I did review it in FL Studio and Cubase on a MAC. Speakerphone 2 requires an iLok key to register the license you receive after purchase. It runs on MAC and windows, see full systems requirements and supported DAWs here.


Speakerphone 2 allows us to change the sound to locate the place where a scene is happening to a new space. Need to put a sound into a church or a sports stadium, want talent to talk through a telephone, megaphones, walkie-talkies. Place a show on an old radio or past television. This tool can do it all, as well as adding the needed realistic background and operating noises, Atmos, etc.

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Why do you need Speakerphone 2? With this tool, you can replicate the vibe and sound
of real-world devices like a telephone, speaker and locate the sound into a realistic environment. The main takeaway is the comprehensive support of devices that are emulated and where the plugin shines to create believable results.

Speakerphone 2 by Audio Ease Review Ambience

Just imagine how hard it could be to record a conversation over a lousy GSM connection (GSM cell phone data compression, distortion, and delay), walkie-talkies, public phones, headsets, general phones, or cell phone with the possibility to add the extra unwanted sound like static and more. There plenty of devices included like Answering Machine, Baby-phones, Guitar Amps, TVs from Sony, Sharp & Philips, Radios and much more. As a tool, its primary use is for TV and film audio Post-production. Add some environment on top, all this is possible with this tool.

Many vital features come with this tool, as you may guess already is it much more than the usual reverb plugin. Features like adding ambiances help to place sound into locations which are vital when doing sound design to picture or when you in need to add emotion to a musical track.

A producer working to picture, trailer and especially when working on Ads will benefit the most from Speakerphone 2 as their primary tool to create soundscapes where they belong according to the action on the screen.

For me as a German, I wished many of the shows (dubbed) I watch in the early years on German TV would have used this tool more to produce an experience I would have enjoyed more as the sound is key to any movie, more than the image itself.

For music produver and mix engeneers there are many AMPs included which you can use to distort or add vibe to an instrument track like a guitar.

User interface & Usability

The UI is not modern, the tool has some age and I would assume that a release today would come with a more modern interface. The old school look is ok, and you get results which are the most crucial benefit even if the tool looks dated.

When you dive into the UI, you do see its beauty, as there are so many options to change for example setting up the room you know how the real estate was smartly used and the design starts to make sense.

Speakerphone 2 by Audio Ease Review Room

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Speakerphone 2 is exceptionally versatile and a must-have for any sound sources, especially when you are into sound design, work on background sounds, trailer or just need the special sauce for your next score. The results are realistic, and the sounds you can create with it are just incredible. For a professional sound designed this tool is a must-have. Features like adding ambiances for background are not what you expect from this tool, and those and other included benefits are extremely useful for any professional in the studio.


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