Retro Organ Suite 1.5 by UVI Review

 In today’s review, we are taking a look Retro Organ Suite 1.5 by UVI Review. Sometimes you need the vibe of an organ, primarily when you compose against a scene that is sat back into the time where organs have been in the front row of so many songs.

Retro Organ Suite 4 Instruments

Retro Organ Suite is a collection of several organs ready to be added to your sonic arsenal. UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Retro Organ Suite 3 Instruments


Retro Organ Suite can be downloaded after obtaining it from your user account at UVI. The library requires UVI Workstation version 2.6.15+, and Falcon version 1.4.0+

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Retro Organ Suite 1.5 is a substantial update to UVI electric organ collection now including seven individual instruments. New to Version 1.5 is a Yammy C10 based on a Yamaha YC10. With the release of the latest version, you have seven instruments at your fingertip: Hammond B3, Vox Continental, Eminent Grand Theater 2500, Korg CX-3, Philips Philicorda, Philips AG7500, Farfisa Compact Duo, Farfisa Combo Compact, Elka Classic, Hammond M100, and Yamaha YC10.

Retro Organ Suite

The sampled organs are as authentic as expected from UVI. Original speakers, vibrato, percussion and other now nostalgic elements have been used when recording.

The organs with Retro Organ Suite have a warm and organic character spanning from rough, funky, or a bit more nasty organ. The broad sound pallet works well against different requirements when you score to picture.

Retro Organ Suite Hammer B

With the addition of the Yammy C10, you have access to a wide range of different 7 organs. As you can see from the variety of included presets you have many options to choose from.

Retro Organ Suite Yammy C10 Main

This collection provides a fundamental suite of electronic organ instruments that includes the original style and tonal variety of an assorted collection of electronic organs.

User interface & Usability

UVI has organized the UI for all instruments in a similar way.  Controls knob and buttons support MIDI-learn, the configuration of those features is easy and follows assignment and use similar to many other products.

Retro Organ Suite Super VX

On the Edit page, you can adjust AMP, Filter, and tremolo amongst some other effects and their defining features of those older organs and sounds produced.

Retro Organ Suite Yammy C10

You have access to an effect rack which allows you to turn in effects or effect panel. Using the Panel-Interface is intuitive and straightforward if you ever used a hardware-based Panel.

Retro Organ Suite Effects Yammy C10

All Instruments share a common FX page and Edit pages, good that UVI kept the Interface where possible consistent. Main page controls differ as the instrument requires different support of features, this is driven by what the original instrument included as a feature set.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Retro Organ Suite is all about great recording, warm & lush sound, organic feel which you can shape into harsh vibes. It is excellent for composing Funk, Jazz, RnB, Rock and Soul music. This library adds collectively seven organs to your sonic arsenal.

The sound of an organ is unique and stands out when used in music. If you love the vibe of this instrument you will see a lot of usage from this collection of essential and common organs. The available Retro Organ Suite tone quality is amazing, and you can further tweak the sound and vibe.


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