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Retro Organ Suite 1.5 Review – Vibes of an Organ by UVI





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Retro Organ Suite 1.5 Review

 In today’s review, we are taking a look Retro Organ Suite 1.5 by UVI Review. Sometimes you need the vibe of an organ, primarily when you compose against a scene that is sat back into the time where organs have been in the front row of so many songs.

There are many reputable organ instruments available on the market, but UVI’s Retro Organ Suite 1.5 might just be the one that gives you what you need…

The first thing we’ll do is take a look at the main page. Here we can see that there are three main sections: Vintage, Modern, and FX. In the Vintage section, we have three different organs to choose from: the B3, the C1, and the Farfisa. Each one of these instruments has been sampled from a different era, so you can get that authentic vintage sound.

Retro Organ Suite 4 Instruments
Retro Organ Suite 1.5 Review – Vibes of an Organ by UVI

Retro Organ Suite is a collection of several organs ready to be added to your sonic arsenal. UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Retro Organ Suite
Retro Organ Suite 3 Instruments


Retro Organ Suite can be downloaded after obtaining it from your user account at UVI. The library requires UVI Workstation version 2.6.15+, and Falcon version 1.4.0+

Installation is quick and easy, just download the library and you’re good to go. The sounds Retro Organ Suite delivers are raw and personal, conveying the history of electronic organ instruments in a very direct style.


The Retro Organ Suite conveys the sounds that define a near century-old history of electronic organ instruments in a very direct and personal style. Retro Organ Suite by UVI is a collection of three different organs sampled from different eras, giving you that authentic vintage sound.

A tiny and specialized group of makers, dating back to the early 1900s, developed and produced these beautiful instruments as low-cost alternatives to wind-driven pipe organs for churches and homes of the social elite.

Organ popularity grew in many styles of contemporary music throughout the mid 20th century, partially as a result of jazz’s success. Their prosperity and commercial presence began to plummet in the late 1970s, due to the quick rate of technological innovation and customer preferences.

Since then, these instruments have been recreated in digital form, albeit with less tangible appeal than the sounds of their tangible mechanisms clothed in wood and innovative amplifiers that have largely vanished, frozen in time on commercial recordings from decades past.

Retro Organ Suite 1.5 is a substantial update to UVI electric organ collection now including seven individual instruments. New to Version 1.5 is a Yammy C10 based on a Yamaha YC10.

With the release of the latest version, you have seven instruments at your fingertip: Hammond B3, Vox Continental, Eminent Grand Theater 2500, Korg CX-3, Philips Philicorda, Philips AG7500, Farfisa Compact Duo, Farfisa Combo Compact, Elka Classic, Hammond M100, and Yamaha YC10

Retro Organ Suite 22Brands22
Retro Organ Suite

The sampled organs are as authentic as expected from UVI. Original speakers, vibrato, percussion, and other now nostalgic elements have been used when recording.

Retro Organ Suite UVI aims to preserve and present the original sound and majesty of this tradition in an unadulterated manner, with seven distinct instruments that represent what UVI considers to be the finest of best.

UVI began by collecting comprehensive sample sets, ensuring that the instruments’ tonal range and natural sound were accurately recorded. The recordings were produced using the original speakers, rotary speaker cabinet with vibrato, percussion, and D.I. boxes, as well as various vintage guitar amps.

A pair of top-grade microphones with high-quality preamps and a unique mix of processors was used to provide the highest level of intelligibility and fidelity. The wealth of choices provided by this comprehensive collection enables a wide range of tonal possibilities as well as the preservation of conventional recording configurations used in the past.

The organs with Retro Organ Suite have a warm and organic character spanning from rough, funky, or a bit more nasty organs. The broad sound pallet works well against different requirements when you score to picture.

These libraries are used to generate hybrid instruments within the UVI EngineTM, allowing you to combine both the natural and untreated sounds of the original hardware with the cutting-edge sound design capabilities of a contemporary digital workstation.

Sounds can be modified to produce anything from subtle to intense impact; customize your ideal organ, craft a crushing vintage lead from a ’60s Italian combo, or construct a brooding pad from a Hammond.

The wide range of samples offered may be used as a destination or a starting point. The new Retro Organ Suite version 1.5 includes the most recent generation of our Rotary effect, which has been tailored to match the characteristics of a vintage unit using DSP.

Retro Organ Suite Hammer B
Retro Organ Suite Hammer B

With the addition of the Yammy C10, you have access to a wide range of different 7 organs. As you can see from the variety of included presets you have many options to choose from.

Hammer B was created with a vintage 1950s Hammond B3 and Leslie rotary speaker, which makes it the most famous tonewheel organ and rotary speaker cabinet ever built.

The Leslie is a rotary speaker that was originally used in carnivals and other festive events to provide music through loudspeakers. It’s made up of two distinct layers, making it possible for you to go from fast to slow Leslie settings with ease. The warm sound quality and sense of history are conveyed by the natural preservation of the original, down to the pedal.

The Leslie is an important part of the Hammond B3 organ, and it’s what gives the instrument its distinctive sound. The two main types of Leslie are the fast and slow settings.

The fast setting is used for a more energetic sound, while the slow setting is better suited for a more relaxed feel.

EX III – The Flexible

This electric piano features artificial drawbars that offer the feel and functionality of real ones. EX III makes use of several improvements to the UVI Engine™, including our new high-quality rotary cabinet imitation and a wavetable oscillator. It is based on a 1979 KORG CX-3.

Tons of ready-to-use presets, quick loading speeds, and comprehensive editing capabilities combine to form a versatile and hardworking tool.

Super VX – The Classic

Super VX contains a wide range of drawbar combinations drawn from the most beautiful and fascinating Vox Continental, a transistor-based combo organ.

A popular method, many well-known noises will undoubtedly be found here. Using the extensive Edit and FX sections, easily summon your past or push the airy tones into the future with ease.

Retrocorda – The Nostalgic

Retrocorda is based on a tiny electric organ from the 1960s, which was produced by Philips Philicorda. The type of loudspeaker was tube-based, resulting in a rather warm and smooth sound that we enjoy. The sound is crisp, clear, and has a distinct vintage quality.

GT2500 – The Monster

With the Eminent Grand Theater 2500, you can produce sounds ranging from classic strings (an ancestor of Solina string machines) to big organ stacks, percussions, and more.

The first appearance of these sounds in software form was with the GT2500. Additional recordings were created using onboard effects such as the spacey ‘Orbital’.

Combo K – The Common

The Farfisa Compact Duo, Combo Compact, Elka Classic, Phillips AG7500, and Hammond M100 were all part of the 5-in-1 combo organ line. Each represents a more budget-friendly version of its time.

Combination K is no exception. Many fascinating and unusual noises may be found in unexpected places, as demonstrated by Combination K. A wide and alluring choice of tones that may be extensively customized.

Yammy C10 – The Blue Challenger

Based on a completely restored 1970s Yamaha YC10 combo organ. The distinctive sound of the Yammy C10 is identical to that of the original, with nearly every possible hardware configuration of the original.

Yammy C10 is an emotive and natural-sounding instrument that has been deeply sampled, with subtle flaws. It’s a fantastic Rotary effect.

Retro Organ Suite Yammy C10 Main
Retro Organ Suite Yammy C10 Main

This collection provides a fundamental suite of electronic organ instruments that includes the original style and tonal variety of an assorted collection of electronic organs.

User interface & Usability

UVI has organized the UI for all instruments in a similar way. Controls knob and buttons support MIDI-learn, the configuration of those features is easy and follows assignments and use similar to many other products.

You may extend and elevate your organ experience with Falcon or UVI Workstation. You may use as many instruments and pedals as you like, while also modifying the instrument keys’ ranges specifically.

You can also, for example, use your top keyboard to play a Super VX solo and your bottom keyboard a Hammer B, then sweep in an instrument from the GT2500 with a pedal. The setup is straightforward and user-friendly, and all commands are supported by MIDI-learn.

Retro Organ Suite Super VX
Retro Organ Suite Super VX

On the Edit page, you can adjust AMP, Filter, and tremolo amongst some other effects and their defining features of those older organs and sounds produced.

Retro Organ Suite Yammy C10
Retro Organ Suite Yammy C10

You have access to an effect rack which allows you to turn in effects or effect panel. Using the Panel-Interface is intuitive and straightforward if you ever used a hardware-based Panel.

Retro Organ Suite Effects Yammy C10
Retro Organ Suite Effects Yammy C10

All Instruments share a common FX page and Edit pages, good that UVI kept the Interface where possible consistent. Main page controls differ as the instrument requires different support of features, this is driven by what the original instrument included as a feature set.


The Retro Organ Suite has a very basic and personal style of recreating the sounds that characterize a nearly 100-year history of electronic organ instruments.

From the early 1900s to the present, a tiny and specialized group of manufacturers have created these beautiful instruments as low-cost replacements for wind-driven pipe organs for churches and palaces of nobility across the world.

The organ was originally associated with the baroque and classical eras, but it later became popular in many types of contemporary music throughout the mid twentieth century.

Their popularity and commercial presence began to decline in the late 1970s, owing to the quick rate of technological progress and preferences. Since then, these instruments have been imitated in digital form, yet their real beauty, the sounds of their raw mechanisms clothed in wood and equipped with cutting-edge amplifiers, has largely vanished.

Overall, I thought that the Retro Organ Suite was a great library of sounds. The sounds were authentic and sounded like they were from older organ machines. The UI was easy to use and I liked the fact that I could customize the sounds to my own preference. One thing I would have liked is more information on how to use the sounds.

The Retro Organ Suite is a great collection of sounds for those who want to create vintage-sounding music. The sounds are authentic and the user interface is easy to use. One thing I would have liked is more information on how to use the sounds in a live setting. Overall, I thought that the Retro Organ Suite 4/5 stars.

Rating:  Four out Of Five Stars

Retro Organ Suite is all about great recording, warm & lush sound, organic feel that you can shape into harsh vibes. It is excellent for composing Funk, Jazz, RnB, Rock, and Soul music. This library adds collectively seven organs to your sonic arsenal.

The sound of an organ is unique and stands out when used in music. If you love the vibe of this instrument you will see a lot of usage from this collection of essential and common organs. The available Retro Organ Suite tone quality is amazing, and you can further tweak the sound and vibe.

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