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Micron Vol II by Alden Nulden Productions Review

Micron Vol II by Alden Nulden Productions your new choice for film, documentaries, games,  trailers, commercials, TV, sound design,  and contemporary Cinematic and Ambient music.

Alden Nulden Productions did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download the file, do a batch re-save and can use it in a full Kontakt Version 5.5.0 and above (paid version) – The free Kontakt Player will not work with this one.

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Micron vol. II is an ambient cinematic library with sketched multis by combine single preset instruments. During the process, unique instruments can be created by leveraging the reverse button.

Micron Vol II by Alden Nulden Productions Review Cosmic Universe

It has 5 categories of instruments such as Cinematic, Pads, Space, Percussion and Bass for easy build a multi-instrument. One of my favorite patches is the Major Cinematic Dark Pad, Cinematic Fifths (Rev), and Morning Spring Kontakt instrument that you can load.

 If you are looking mystical soundscape for your next project or simply requiring amazing melodic expressions for your tracks, Micron vol. II has you covered.

User interface & Usability

Micron vol. II is coming with 90 single preset instruments and 30 multi preset instruments.

Micron Vol II by Alden Nulden Productions Review Cinematic Fiths

You have access to many effects, including three effects Delay, Convolution Reverb, Phaser,  a unique Reverse Button witch by clicking it transforms every sound backward.

The Reverse Features opens up a wide range of possibilities and invites you to experiment. Additional FX and features are an Arpeggiator, Auto Chord, Tremolo, Glide effect, 4 LFO type waveforms Sine, Triangle, Saw, Random, Sync LFO Time and Sync Delay Time.

All accessible in a small but very user-friendly Interface that does not overwhelm you. The UI is straightforward to use.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Micron Vol II is a small gem full of cinematic pads, textures, pads and some playable instruments.  Micron Vol II  sparks your creative flames and injects your projects with the emotion of today’s hottest ambient and cinematic pad styles.

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