8 Bit Generator by Alden Nulden Productions Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

8 Bit Generator by Alden Nulden Productions Review

Looking for sounds and instruments for lofi, Electronica, Glitch production or do you score to picture and need some fitting retro game sound, 8 Bit Generator by Alden Nulden Productions should be on your shortlist.

Alden Nulden Productions founded in 2013 by Kore G. The primary focus of Alden Nulden is to produce instruments for musicians. Alden Nulden weights in as a performing musician.

Alden Nulden Productions did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You install the library into your Kontakt folder, do a batch re-save. This Kontakt library requires the full version of Kontakt (5.5.2 and above).


8 Bit Generator is all about tone and audio from an analog synthesizer and that retro vibe you know from revivals or if you are just old enough.

8 Bit Generator Kontakt Library

To get you started, you can use one of the 160 presets to select the sound that works for you in your track. I did use external tools to shape sound into lofi domains further, very well worked Wow and Vulf Compressor by Goodhertz to get lush results. Also without third-party means, you get great sounds for lofi and Electronica.

The modeled Synthesizer has three oscillators with several effects and settings to change the tone. On top, you get an arpeggiator, selection at how many Bits synth will work.

8 Bit Generator and Goodhertz plugins

The included Kontakt presets are many, there have been some which I liked like Broken Lead, some which I got to a point where I needed them when I used WOW from Goodhertz, and some which I did not see as a fit however good to have for the future.

Overall you get an extensive collection of sounds from a past area of sounds and music which works well in today’s scores.

User interface & Usability

The UI is leaning towards an experience to generate quickly sounds, all infused by a vintage synthesizer. The possibilities are many which can be overpowering.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

8 Bit Generator is a good collection of sounds suitable for lofi, Electronica, and Glitch and many other close genres. These kind of collections are not so many, and you can see that Kore working for this company has experience as an artist. He included many instruments and sounds that are useful in a composition.

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