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Drum Designer by UVI Review

Drum Designer is a software-based drum computer or drum machine. The Falcon (or UVI Workstation based) Drum engines produces dedicated Kick, Snare, Clap and Cymbal instruments with a compelling sequencer

Drum Designer by UVI Review Sequencer

UVI positions the Drum Library as a Dum Workshop “created for producers and sound designer of any genre, Drum Designer provides innovative tools allowing you to shape, pitch and tweak drum sounds in ways that would have been previously impossible or prohibitively time-consuming.  UVI did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You register your product with UVI and download the Drum Designer from your user account. I did download one archive file which I unpacked in my UVI instrument library. To run it you can use the free UVI Workstation or the paid Falcon also from UVI.

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The footprint is 1.73 GB which equals to 5,736 Samples, 2,040 Presets, 316 Kits, 424 Kicks, 399 Snares, 325 Claps, 446 Cymbals, 112 Sequences. The library runs in UVI Workstation version 3.0.2+, and Falcon version 1.5.6+


Drum Designer allows you to craft your own drum sounds using an excellent, easy to use and if needed an advanced drum synthesis and sample-based engine. Just in time after the summer vacation!

Drum Designer is a powerful drum computer and percussive instrument with a Sequencer that gives you 8 engines (1x Kick, 2x Snare, 1x Clap and 4x Cymbal) with Volume, Pan and Pitch sequencers up to 8 bars long at resolutions up to 1/64t.

Drum Designer by UVI Review Presets

Drum Designer is programmed in a way to emulate individual artists performing the progression. It comes with a very large collection of 5,700+ samples, 2,000+ meticulously created drum presets, 316 kits, and more.

You start with one the included preset that fits your need and use the available controls to customize the shape and vibe of each drum sound. The ‘vinyl’ section covers 17 popular drum beats.

Drum Designer by UVI Review Vinyl

Working with the included presets, the available parameter to shape the sounds and the perfect sequencer I can report that UVI created the ultimate drum designing tool.

Thousands of sounds, samples and kits for eternal possibilities all based on a comprehensive engine, sequencer, excellent sounding presets. Any of Drum Designer’s four instruments part of the Drum Engine is a mighty instrument that enables you to control every element of the drum sound.

Drum Designer with third party sound design tools (not included)

UVI Drum Designer offers a family of extensive sound-shaping tools. The four instruments kick, snare, clap, and cymbal form the foundation that can later be combined into complete drum kits.

There are editors for each segment and a global editor as well as an effects page that includes the very much needed Transient Designer, and as well Soft Clip, Stereo Width, EQ and Convolver modules.

User interface & Usability

UVI is a great designer when it comes to their Interface for the recent virtual instrument libraries. Drum Designer is in line with the simple and easy to use UI design.

Drum Designer sequencer

In the UI you manage Time, Gain, Pan, Pitch and sends for each engine, and finalize the sound with bus effects including a Compressor, EQ, Delay, and Reverb.

Drum Designer by UVI Review FX PAge

When you are done composing a sequence in the tool you can drag the sequences to copy them as MIDI to your desktop or DAW. That is a very useful feature if you want to reuse the sequence or just some beats in a different drum library or any other fitting instrument.

Kick Designer lets you select individual sounds for each component, adjust their pitch, gain, pan, key tracking, and LP and HP filters independently.

Utilize the Tone Amp editor to pick your own pattern and then smooth it to the vibe you need.

Overall the developing team Louis Couka, Rémy Muller, and Olivier Tristan have designed a very usable and excellent looking Interface that has the right features included and looks compelling.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Drum Designer sounds excellent, supports you with a large variety of presets and if you do want to experiment it is a lot of fun to play with it. Drum Designer as a new star on the software-based drum machine is worth the investment.

What I hope for in the next release is the support of third-party samples, it would be so good to load some of my lofi drum kits into this drum machine. The as you do expect from UVI the Interface supports you in your journey when layering percussive sounds together. The possibilities fine-tuning the sounds are decent.

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Drum Designer by UVI Review
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