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20th Century Cameras by SKYES Audio Review




20th Century Cameras by SKYES Audio Review

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20th Century Cameras by SKYES Audio Review

20th Century Cameras by SKYES Audio is a comprehensive collection of sounds recorded from vintage 24 film cameras. SKYES Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You download the files and receive sounds film cameras designed. The sounds are gathered into 159 files, including over 3900+ sounds recorded at  24bit/96kHz. (Specs: 159 files • 3900+ sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 1.08 GB • Includes metadata )


20th Century Cameras comprises essentially mechanical sounds from Cameras. These sounds are recorded shutter releases (discharge at different shutter speeds), sounds of knobs, latches, wheels, and additional foley sounds.

The sound of the shutter release has sparse variations mainly due to the camera being used and no longer in perfect shape. Old cameras are great to get a variety of sounds. The complete list of include sounds is here.

You can search through the included sound by using the metadata. I would recommend strongly that you navigate all sounds to experience all sounds and add it to your sounds to remember to come back to a single tone and sound element when you need it in some weeks months.

The way you want to use these sounds or small elements from it is in sound design shaping, mangling and reusing sounds from the library to create something absolutely unprecedented and never discovered sounds. Alternative use the camera sounds without any sound design applied. You can easily create snappy sounds or produce mysterious sounds.

20th Century Cameras by SKYES Audio Review SoundMiner Tool
20th Century Cameras by SKYES Audio used with 3rd party SoundMiner Tool

With sound design, you can create atmospheres, sound beds, textures resulting in never heard sounds due to the unprecedented sound sources.

20th Century Cameras With 3rd Party tools
20th Century Cameras with 3rd Party tools

Recorded Cameras:

  • AGFA Isolette (1950s)
  • AGFA Silette (1960s)
  • AGFA Unknown Model (1930s)
  • Aiglon Atos-1 (1950s)
  • Atlas No 2 (1930s)
  • Beier Beirette (1970s)
  • GB Kershaw 110 (1950s)
  • Halina Viceroy (1960s)
  • Houghton Synchro (1930s)
  • Ilford Envoy (1950s)
  • Kodak 620 JNR (1930s)
  • Kodak Colorsnap (1950s)
  • Kodak Brownie (1940s)
  • Kodak Instamatic 25 (1960s)
  • Kodak Instamatic 155x (1970s)
  • Kodak Junior 1 (1950s)
  • Kodak Six-20 (1940s)
  • Minolta AL (1960s)
  • Pentax Asahi (1970s)
  • Photo Plait Splendor (1940s)
  • Polaroid Colorpack 2 (1970s)
  • Praktica Nova (1960s)
  • Voigtlander (1930s)
  • Zenit EM (1970s)

Rating:  Five out of five stars

20th Century Cameras by SKYES Audio is an unexpected collection of sounds recorded from different more vintage cameras. Take the sounds through effect tools to shape the sounds into sounds never listened to and produce extremely desirable tones and vibes.

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