TIME macro by Orchestral Tools Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 8 April 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

TIME macro by Orchestral Tools Review

TIME macro is in its character a comprehensive compilation of inciting orchestral and choral textures, exceptional articulations. Orchestral Tools delivers unprocessed recordings at the Telex scoring stage.

ORCHESTRAL TOOLS the Symphonic Sampling Project of Schwarzer & Mantik GmbH

We all refer to ORCHESTRAL TOOLS (OT) as the producing company.  ORCHESTRAL TOOLS has become an industry standard and trusted brand of  Schwarzer & Mantik GmbH. OT is described on the main company website as a Sampling Project: “Enter a whole new world of orchestral colors, shades, and inspiration. It is the nexus of innovative concepts, the magical shimmering ambiance of the Teldex Scoring Stage and the renowned musicians from the world-famous orchestras of Berlin, that makes our collections to be the standard toolset of professional film composers.

TIME macro by Orchestral Tools Review Orchestra patches

While Orchestral Tools is called still a project by the parent company it has become an industry standard and leading trusted brand producing virtual libraries for a composer.


TIME MACRO supports the free Kontakt Player and Kontakt full 5.8.1 or higher. The download and installation of the library are done the Continuata connect client, you just have to enter the provided serial code and start the download.

TIME MACRO by Orchestral Tools Downloader


Time Macro is charming. The library sounds beautiful, and it attributes a whole new dimension of playable instruments to your toolbox. TIME macro produces unique shades of ten different ensembles:

  • High Strings, Mid Strings, and Low Strings
  • High Woodwinds, Low Woodwinds, and Double Reeds
  • Brass
  • Harps & Vibes
  • Women Choir and Men Choir

The full articulation of this library can be found here.

TIME macro by Orchestral Tools Review Low Strings

In the included Orchestra section there are combined full orchestra, brass & strings, choir & strings, woodwinds & strings available. If I compare those combinations with what is available from other companies this set of groups works and sounds excellent.

User interface & Usability

As all current OT libraries, this one also uses heavy the default UI in  Capsule. If you did use any other library from Orchestra Tools, you would find yourself right home.

TIME macro by Orchestral Tools Review Harps and Vibes

If you are starting with the Capsule, you will need to spend some medium invest in the time to go through the manual or watch one or some of the many Capsule tutorial videos.

TIME macro is separated into three types of articulations:

  • Long sustained textures that have a sense of subtle forward movement
  • Pendulum Swells – the movement of a pendulum transformed into dynamic swells
  • Rhythmic patterns, which are reminiscent of clockworks
  • 10 Individual Sections
  • Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Choir, Harps & Vibes
TIME macro by Orchestral Tools Review Single Instruments

Rating:  Five out of five stars

TIME macro is all about astounding, excellent sounds from an orchestra available in playable patches of instruments and sense-making combinations, remarkably enchanting.

There are many sections and combinations included. To point out a few: The Choir is astounding and has a particular drive and tone a choir needs to have.  The woodwinds are highly usable with perfect lifelike sustains. I love the low strings. 


Orchestral Tools’ TIME macro is a gem, let’s face it when it the library was announced with some small teaser during the pre-order phase. Many wondered about what Orchestral Tools can deliver before an expected METROPOLIS ARK 4. They provided a high-end library which is unique in the market, and you do not end up with a library that has overlap – this is a unique one.

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