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Taiko Creator by IN SESSION AUDIO Review




Taiko Creator Buddha of Kamakura

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Taiko Creator – Create, control & generate your own Taiko sound

There seems to be no end to percussion libraries, and Taiko percussion libraries are a mainstay in cinematic music. Every Taiko library has its own charm and its own strengths, but few can deliver a sound or use-ability that can cover almost any application. Enter Taiko Creator from In Session Audio.

Taiko Creator Ten Thousand Gates

In Session Audio have been around for a while providing sturdy libraries like Fluid Harmonics and Fluid Strike, and the wonderful Shimmer Shake Strike which we reviewed in an earlier article. Taiko Creator is their first foray into multi-mic percussion sampling.


The library itself is provided as a surprisingly small download, and after extracting the zip files to your chosen location, you can register the library in the downloadable Native Access program using the serial number provided after purchasing the library. Simple.


The sound of the library is straight up clarity. Compared to other heavier or “duller” sounding samples, these Taikos really bang and crackle, and that’s a great thing. This clear and punctuated sound comes from each of the drums being recorded solo – there is a very generous selection of large, medium and small Taikos from the Odaiko and Nagado to the Okedo and Shime, and more than one of each kind was recorded.

The reason for so many solo drums is to provide the foundation for a plethora of custom ensembles that you can customise to a deep level. But mixing solo instruments to get an ensemble sound isn’t really an effective trick, is it?

Taiko Creator Izanagi and Izanami
Taiko Creator Izanagi and Izanami

It is in Taiko Creator, because a nifty “Unity” knob intelligently separates the timing for each instrument to create a truly stunning and totally life-like ensemble sound, but with the added bonus of being clear and precise. I’ve played with many Taiko libraries, but few have managed to provide a defined and customisable ensemble sound like Taiko Creator.

Taiko Creator Midi Section
Taiko Creator Midi Section

The close, mid, far and room mics are perfectly balanced and, if you can’t get the sound or mix you’re looking for with this library, you’re clearly doing something wrong. Don’t think you won’t be spoiled for choice either – there are enough drums, clicks, clacks, metals, cymbals, hits, swipes and player shouts provided that you’ll wonder how they managed to cram it all into a package that’s smaller than most standard Taiko libraries!

User interface & Usability

The sound, of course, is backed up by expert scripting and a logical, colorful interface that gives you all the control you’ll ever need. From a subtle “Drive” knob for punch, to a parallel EQ selection that can place the drums in most mixes, to a genius selection of reverbs that enhance the Taiko sound rather than wash it away, this library was built for the severe working composer to rely on.

Taiko Creator Kit Part One
Taiko Creator Kit Part One
Taiko Creator Kit Part Two
Taiko Creator Kit Part Two

What you want, where you want it and how you want it to sound are just a few clicks away, and the provided snapshots really show off the capabilities of the library’s flexibility. It’s a joy to work with and it’s just addictive to play.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

I really did try to find something to complain about with Taiko Creator, but I was left without a reason not to love this package. The only negative thing I can say is that it makes all of In Session Audio’s previous libraries look weak in comparison.

Taiko Creator Pagoda Sunrise
Taiko Creator Pagoda Sunrise

It’s affordable, it’s unlike any other Taiko library available and it really does close the gap between free jamming and serious arranging. If you like Taikos or percussion, you’d be a fool not to pick this one up

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