Accusonus & Sound Radix team up to offer the Ultimate Drum Mixing Bundles (Halloween Week Exclusive 2018)

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 29 October 2018
  • Time to read: 1 min.

This Halloween, plug-in gurus Sound Radix & Accusonus have teamed up to bring you 2 exclusive and time-limited bundles that will help your deliver pro-sounding drums on every mix!

  • Use the advanced dynamics processing of Drum Leveler to add clarity and punch,
  • Adjust drum bleed to your taste using the MachineLearning power of drumatom,
  • Automatically align your microphones and improve phaseissues with Auto-Align
  • Effortlessly sculpt the sound of your drums withoutcompromising musicality with Beatformer

Mixing an impressive sounding kit played by a hot drummer is the best-case scenrio for every engineer/producer, but sometimes the recordings you get to mix are far from ideal and can suffer from all sorts of issues. Our tools help you get a great sound without stripping all the personality of the performance away. They ensure consistent sound quality without the need for excessive drum replacement and ensure you can still hear all the passion of the original take.

Accusonus & Sound Radix have teamed to offer two exclusive Halloween bundles of pioneering audio plug-ins used by top engineers and producers to get world-class drums on their tracks.

The Halloween Drum Mixing Bundle -$299 (Reg.$448)- includes the following products:

  • Drumatom
  • Drum Leveler

The Halloween Drum Mixing Bundle Xtra-$499 (Reg.$696)-includes the following products:

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