PulseSetter-Sounds has been known for making cinematic sound sets, but they have also been scoring and working in sound design for more than a decade in Los Angeles for countless film and TV. When PulseSetter-Sounds decided to finally start making sample libraries their personal life got in the way:  In less than a few months from each other, their circle of friends/collaborators and the owner of the company having kids!

EPIC BABIES – Unique hybrid scoring instruments by PulseSetter-Sounds Perc

In order to create the instruments, they used common film scoring techniques like spreading an odd sample across the keyboard so the very low or high registers allow for some very cool and scary sounds and all kind of tricks and experiments with signal processing. As for the sources, PulseSetter-Sounds recorded water bottles, toy maracas, tambourines, toy tom, toy shakers, baby bathtubs, a diaper disposer, toy xylophones, and circuit bent digital toys. 

EPIC BABIES – Unique hybrid scoring instruments by PulseSetter-Sounds Big Mix

Baby toys have been transformed into a rare and useful hybrid sample library for Kontakt. There are huge epic hybrid drum loops and braams, eerie hits, odd tonal keyboard and other indescribable sample instruments made with baby xylophones, baby bottles, babies crying souls and other baby paraphernalia.

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Using everyday babies toys but processing them with hardware and the most odd and unheard software manglers, Epic Babies will find a place on every composer’s template for one reason or another. Even if its just to show off how the spooky babies eyes open when pressing a note!

Price: $69.99

-200 Unique Instruments
-6.5 Gbs of Material (uncompressed)
-10k+ Samples from toys+Sound Design
-Processed with Hardware and crazy plugins.
-Bonus Epic Trailer Music Sounds

EPIC BABIES – Unique hybrid scoring instruments by PulseSetter-Sounds Bass
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