Little Pump Reeds is a collection of instruments we’ve stumbled across over the years that happen to fall on the smaller side of the amazing and under-appreciated world of hand-held air-driven reed-based instruments.

Little Pump Reeds V2

This library ranges from excellent quality hand-crafted traditional Indian Shruti Boxes to a mini accordion and what we refer to as the Plastisax (something vaguely like a child’s plastic soprano saxophone, but sounding more like a harmonica).


Werbung / Ad

Installation is done via the Soundiron Installer tool, very straightforward.

Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Installation overview

This library also includes a lovely 14-note concertina of which we sampled three magnetic layers and various articulations. Soundiron implemented a compelling user interface that allows quick access to all of the instruments in a single preset.

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