Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 30 November 2018
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Little Pump Reeds is a collection of instruments we’ve stumbled across over the years that happen to fall on the smaller side of the amazing and under-appreciated world of hand-held air-driven reed-based instruments.

Soundiron Little Pump Reeds V2
Little Pump Reeds V2

This library ranges from excellent quality hand-crafted traditional Indian Shruti Boxes to a mini accordion and what we refer to as the Plastisax (something vaguely like a child’s plastic soprano saxophone, but sounding more like a harmonica).


Installation is done via the Soundiron Installer tool, very straightforward.

Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Installation overview
Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Installation overview

This library also includes a lovely 14-note concertina of which we sampled three magnetic layers and various articulations. Soundiron implemented a compelling user interface that allows quick access to all of the instruments in a single preset.

Soundiron took these instruments much farther than they were ever designed to go. These sample sets are surprisingly rich, full and playable in a way that one would normally only be able to expect from top-notch, full-range instruments. In the end, Soundiron just decided it was high time somebody gives these little misfit toys the respect and attention to detail that they truly deserve.

Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Drums

The Kontakt interface includes a suite of automation-ready sound-shaping controls to give you total creative flexibility. You have control over the swell, attack, release, offset, vibrato, filter, pitch (coarse & fine), articulation switching, cross-fading and layering, and so much more. We’ve also included 20 unique sound-designed custom FX presets to give you lots of creative options.

Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Kontakt
Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Kontakt

This library comes with an adaptable LFO system, with selectable LFO shape, modulation target parameter, speed, intensity, tempo-syncing and fade-in time. You can also apply your choice of 12 lowpass, high-pass and FX filters, with assignable modulation targets such as velocity, mod wheel, expression, after-touch, key position, and step-sequencer table control. The customizable arpeggiator offers a velocity table and control over arp direction, timing, swing, randomization, and duration. We’ve included a key and scale lock system to constrain your notes to common scales and keys for easy melodic composition and live performance.

Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Installation Welcome
Little Pump Reeds V2 Released by Soundiron Installation Welcome

The interface is rounded-out by our modular FX rack panel, with 18 different DSP effect modules that you can assign in any of 10 available slots, in any order that you wish. You’ll find classic phaser, flanger, delay, distortion, amp and cab simulators, compressors, EQ, rotator and so much more.

The Reverb effect includes our favorite convolution reverb impulse responses, including 99 different rooms, halls, chambers, and outdoor environments, plus another 40 custom FX impulses to radically transform the sound and open up whole new worlds of musical possibility. Soundiron has added a comprehensive bank of FX rack chain factory presets to get you started!

Screenshot 2018 11 30 at 08.33.11
Little Pump Reeds V2 FX Rack
  • Concertina
  • Shruti Box (related to the harmonium)
  • Mini Accordion
  • “Plastisax” (related to the melodica)
  • 2-Tone Paper Squeeze Box

Little Pump Reeds Specs

  • 1 master NKI instrument bank in open Kontakt format
  • 20 Custom Sound-Designed FX and Ambient presets
  • Multi-sampled acoustic articulations
  • 1,222 stereo samples
  • 1.68 GB Installed
  • 24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo PCM Wav Format
  • Flexible and intuitive multi-layer user interface controls, with LFO, filter, glide, and arpeggiator.
  • Full FX rack with convolution reverb with custom rooms, halls, chambers & FX environments.
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