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Drone Soundscapes: Tundra Drone’s Sounds for a Vast Empty World




Drone Soundscapes Tundra Drones Sounds for a Vast Empty World

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Tundra Drones provides a wide range of drone sounds in moods like dark, cold, surreal, mystical, emptiness, and more. This set of sounds will be useful for a number of genres – serving as a sound bed for building an intro and setting the mood of the track.

Dark Ambient Music

Dark ambient is a genre that developed in the aftermath of industrial music and most often features an “oppressive, dark atmosphere.”

However, it can also be considered to have been influenced by ambient trance or psychedelic rock as well as shoegazing and even techno genres such as dub techno. Subtle movement in the sounds makes them ideal for dark ambient music.

The first time I heard the Tundra Drone soundscape, I was immediately struck by how vast and empty it sounded. It’s not just that there is no music on the track.

The sounds themselves are so minimalistic that they create a sense of emptiness that is both peaceful and cold at the same time. This set of drone sounds will be perfect for any project where you want to evoke feelings of coldness, loneliness, or emptiness.

What Makes Ambient Music Ambient?

Ambient music is usually defined as background music, and it’s usually used to create a specific mood or atmosphere. The music is often slow and relaxing, and it can be used to create a sense of calm or peace. Ambient music is also often used to set the mood for other genres, such as dubstep, trance, and downtempo.

Tundra Mountain View
Drone Soundscapes: Tundra Drone’s Sounds for a Vast Empty World

Who Invented Dark Ambient?

The term dark ambient was coined in the early 1990s by Roger Karmanik to describe the music of Raison d’être and related artists that are heavily associated with the Cold Meat Industry record label.

The genre, which is also described by the term “dark electronic” or “dark techno,” was developed in Germany during the 1980s. A number of individuals contributed to its development and growth as a musical style over time including Lustmord (Brian Williams), Ataraxia (Stefania Serafin), and Zoviet France.

Dark ambient music is a typically slow tempo, low key, monotonous, deep drone that are similar to the background noise of a factory or machine shop. It has been described as “a soundtrack for inner space” because it often accompanies meditative states.

Autumn Greenlandic orange tundra landscape with lake and mountains
Autumn Greenlandic orange tundra landscape with lake and mountains

Sequel to Frozen Drones

The Tundra Drones is a sequel to Frozen Drones. Unlike its predecessor, this one comes in four formats: samples, Zynaptiq’s Adaptiverb presets, Pigments presets, and Ableton Live Pack.

Each format is available separately or you can choose all in a bundle. The sound world of the Tundra Drone explores territories not often frequented by drones- sounds from the void that are nonetheless filled with life and beauty; faraway places both near and distant; ancient memories that we have forgotten but are still present within us.

The Tundra Drones Bundle Includes


As the name suggests, Tundra Drone is a place for drone sounds. This set of soundscapes will be perfect for any producer looking to add atmosphere and depth to their music with these spacious sounds.

Subtle movement in the drones adds an ethereal feel that will make them stand out among other dark ambient tracks on your playlist. The wide range of different moods offered by this pack means you’ll be able to find something right up your alley!

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