Looking for a new and x-mass fitting ambient synth pad, evolving soundscape and sound-designed ambient sample library? HOLY AMBIENCES V3 captures a wintery, icy mood with shimmering and sparkling textures, lush mystical backgrounds, warm musical patches, and a mysterious vibe.

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SoundIron created it as the perfect little companion library for winter and holiday-themed music and sound design production, but it has grown over the years into an all-around cosmic synth and instrumental ambient patch collection that comes in handy in all kinds of musical genres.


There are 18 sound categories, filled with long one-shot sounds and infinitely looping sustains. These hand-crafted sounds are rich in detail and full of unique flavor. Most are strongly tonal, while others are clustery or abstract. They’re all designed to sound great played at their root pitch or retuned anywhere across the entire key range.

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  • 10 unique Astronautum ambiances
  • 15-note chromatic Glockenspiel Bloom ambiance
  • 4-note chromatic Glockenspiel Pulse ambiance
  • 15-note chromatic Glockenspiel Wave ambiance
  • 7-note chromatic Guitar Gliss ambiance
  • 7-note chromatic Guitar Invocation ambiance
  • 4-note chromatic “Hallelujah” Men’s Choir ambiance
  • 4-note chromatic “Hallelujah” Women’s Choir ambiance
  • 4-note chromatic Lakeside Organ Glorious ambiance
  • 4-note chromatic Lakeside Organ Warm ambiance
  • 7-note chromatic Piano Ripple ambiance
  • 5-note chromatic Sleighbell Mindscrape ambiance
  • 5-note chromatic Voxsyntar (solo vocal) ambiance
  • 4-note chromatic “Spiritum” Men’s Choir ambiance
  • 4-note chromatic “Spiritum” Women’s Choir ambiance
  • 19 Original “Holy” ambiances
  • 6 “Holy Night” ambiances

You can further shape the sound through advanced control window   for access to the LFO, Filter and Arpeggiator.

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The FX Rack tab gives you direct access to 18 of Kontakt’s built-in special effects and dynamic processors. This panel is accessible in all presets by clicking on the FX Rack tab button at the bottom of the instrument UI. The signal flows from left to right in each row and goes down from there. The last two sockets are Post Send effects, mixed in at the final stage before signal output. To change the effect loaded into any specific rack module socket, click on the down arrow menu in its top left corner.

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