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Folio Bass 1.1 by Channel Robot Review




Folio Bass 1.1 Main

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Folio Bass by Channel Robot Review

In today’s review, we are looking at Folio Bass Version 1.1 (Affiliate Link) by Channel Robot is a Kontakt Library ROMpler steered at Bass sounds.


You need download after purchase Folio Bass from your Kontakt Hub user account. With Version 1.1 you need to download 4 files, unpack them. You need the FULL version of Kontakt v5.8.1 or above. is required. The library is not for the free Kontakt Player. I used the Kontakt 6 Full Version for reviewing.

Authorisation is needed, to authorize the kontakt library you need to:

  • Open Kontakt and navigate to the folder you just created using the Browser (Press F1 to display the Browser)
  • Double click on Folio – Bass.nki, Folio – Bass should open and you should see a window where you can enter the serial you receive while purchasing the library
  • When you entered the correct number you will need to save the Folio – Bass instrument to store the authorization on disk


This special Kontakt library developed from an initial idea to release over a span of two years. Channel Robot started with let’s produce a Bass ROMpler with 100 sounds and after two years a Bass ROMpler with 300+ sounds was released. A brief time later updated to Version 1.1.

Version 1.1 update includes:

  • New Snapshots
  • New Arp presets
  • A new parameter track in the arpeggiator – likelihood, making every sequence into an ever-changing melodic output.

There are many onboard effect tools you can use to mangle and shape the sound and performance. When you leave the Kontakt shell and use additional 3rd party effect plugins this library becomes an outstanding source for sound design task you have to deliver against.

Folio Bass 1.1 Effects and selections
Folio Bass 1.1 Effects and Options

Folio Bass performs two layers concurrently, you can select (see below) from different categories: Analog, Smooth, Synth, Gritty, New Synth, Alternate, Modeled, Scapes or Cycles. After selecting the two voices you would use the Gate and Arp and effect Tabs to further shape the sound that you are looking for. I would recommend starting with the fine snapshots Channel Robot included.

Folio Bass 1.1 Categories
Folio Bass 1.1 Categories

User interface & Usability

The bass powerhouse Folio Bass includes well known and classic synthesizer controls, like envelopes and filters, and these add to the abilities Folio Bass when you want to shape, mangle and sculpt your bass sounds. Folio Bass includes unique quad gates and sequencing arpeggiator to produce exciting polymorphic outcomes.

Folio Bass 1.1 Main
Folio Bass 1.1 Main UI

The UI is laid back and using colors that work well for me. You have the options to switch between the tabs to unleash the effects and additional features. Dive into the Gate, Arp, and other Tab, there is so much more than a two-voice ROMpler.

Folio Bass Tabs
Folio Bass

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Channel Robot’s Folio Bass Version 1.1 (Affiliate Link) is an excellent sounding dual voice ROMpler full of more than 300 instruments. Folio Bass is best when you need to reach for a Bass line, works wonder in sound design and is excellent as a background bed (combined with effects) for many scores or when you need to add some emotion and drive to a scene.

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