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Limited Free Download – Synths DX by Karanyi Music




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Introducing the SYNTHS DX by Karanyi Music, a collection of inspiring sounds perfect for creating subtle cinematic atmospheres, deep, wide sci-fi pads for film and video games. SYNTHS DX is also ideal for ambient and synth wave music production.

With its 60+ instrument presets, you get a wide palette of colors for your next track. All samples are recorded key-to-key in 24 bit 48kHz. These sounds were captured with analog gear and by applying the minimum software post-production process to keep these patches rich and fresh.

Normally $30, SYNTHS DX will be offered free until May 23rd, 2019. You can get it here.

2.7 GB total size (3.6 GB uncompressed)
1 600+ samples with 24bit / 48kHz sample rate
9 sampled analog, FM & PCM synths
Recorded with Universal Audio & Focusrite Preamps
16 unique Kontakt instruments
60+ presets for film, ambient & synthwave music production
24bit / 48khz quality
Kontakt 5.8.1+ (FULL version)

Limited Free Download – Synths DX by Karanyi Music

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