Scoring Bass Review – Full-Scale Low-End Sound Design and Bass Instrument by Heavyocity

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Scoring Bass by Heavyocity Review

Today we are reviewing is Scoring Bass by Heavyocity. Heavyocity created this instrument to be instantly useful and intensely inspirational. This Kontakt library is the 6th Gravity pack, which confuses always someone – no you do not need to own the Gravity library to use the pack. Scoring Bass is Heavyocity’s first dedicated bass instrument, included are a collection of pads, tempo-synced grooves & pedals, and multi-sampled playable bass guitars. In the past years, I was always playing just for fun with the other Heavyocity’s Scoring Guitars libraries, like the Scoring Guitars 2.

GP06 Scoring Bass Pulse Grooves
GP06 Scoring Bass Pulse Grooves

Heavyocity did send a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, you receive a code to download the library by using the Heavyocity tool. After activating the library via Native Access you all set. Scoring Bass requires Kontakt 6 (Player) or later.


SCORING BASS is Heavyocity latest release as a specialized instrument. Scoring Bass is a cinematic low-end bass guitar. SCORING BASS gives you the vibe, energy, and resolution of excellent sounding bass guitars. Heavyocity did record, shaped, and prepared the samples to allow you to add quickly bass guitar grooves and pulses. This is more than bass guitars playing you as well can perform the harmonious ambient textures with this selection of pure and prepared sampled bass.

Scoring Bass Patches

  • Three-channel “Playable Basses” NKI with Three Multi-Sampled Bass Guitars
  • Eight Pulse Groove Menus (4 Core, 4 FX)
  • Pads
    • 10 Complex Pads
    • 2 Pad Element Menus
    • 30 Ambient Pad Elements
    • 30 Short Pad Elements
  • Rhythmic Pedals
  • 8 Rhythmic Pedal Menus (4 Core, 4 FX)
    • 48 Core Rhythmic Pedals
    • 48 FX Rhythmic Pedals
    • 48 Pedal Blend NKIs
Scoring Bass Patches
Scoring Bass Patches

As I used the other libraries released before to large extend I was no surprised how flexible, good sounding, fun and use this library is in many different tracks. Overall the basses are just stunning good. If you do have in the box effects on hand or hardware you need to take this library sounds into the sound design world. Even easy approaches like passing this through EZMix 2 with some ambient add on gives you so much extra mileage.

As you do have to mix different instruments (also from different producing companies) in your track it is important that a new instrument blends seamlessly into your track. This bass library blends into your mix and that is a great help when working on a project. You will find many cases where you add the rhythmic preferred bass pattern to a track and out of nowhere added some transcendent vibe to a track that contrarily would feel less energetic.

Combining Scoring Bass with Scoring Guitars 2 you can produce with ease exceedingly good sounding patches. Given that instruments are priced at the lower end your investment will be returned shortly after the first commercial use. You can use this library in so many applications and genres. Scoring Bass is excellent when you need to lay down a bass foundation or to add a low-end vibe to your track.

User interface & Usability

The UI is based on the Gravity’s interface, you can tweak the sample by setting the start point, and more basic effects. With the Punish and Twist Knob, you can easily form and push the sound from subtle in your face.

Scoring Bass UI
Scoring Bass UI

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Scoring Bass by Heavyocity delivers excellent cinematic low-end sound and bass guitar vibes. This is so much more than just a bass guitar, you can enter the mysterious and amazing low-end world of butchered sounds. This bass library rests flawlessly in you cinematic scoring and can be used in many genres. Scoring Bass is an excellent enhancement to any sound designer and composer toolbox.

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