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Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3+ by Unfiltered Audio Review




Euro Reakt Arp

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Euro Reakt by Unfiltered Audio Review

In our review today we are looking at Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3+ by Unfiltered Audio. There are two versions available Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3+ and a Euro Reakt – Free Edition available free of charge. Both versions complete each other. The Free Edition contains a lot of Blocks that will remain free. This is due to how derivative they are from other people’s products and research and shows how third-party Blocks can integrate with the NI ecosystem. We did cover other Unfiltered Audio effect plugins like SpecOps and BYOME earlier.

Unfiltered Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached. Michael Hetrick is the creator of Euro Reakt, a collection of over 140 Blocks for Reaktor 6. Michael started Unfiltered Audio with his friends Joshua Dickinson and Ryan McGee – a group of musicians, composers, and researchers. In Michael’s dissertation he describes the current hardware situation on Eurorack on point: “In the past decade, hardware modular synthesizers have seen a massive resurgence. Electronic musicians and composers are discovering the flexibility and hands-on nature of this creative equipment at an unprecedented rate. New Eurorack module designs are reaching this market on a weekly basis, and computer musicians have an expanding variety of software modular platforms to choose from.

Saving the bank

Nobody mentions that pretty much all Eurorack Systems eat up any budget with not such a great return. If you do want to dive into modular and still feed your family and don’t spend thousands of Euro/Dollar your choices are limited. In the box, you should look at Euro Reakt for Reaktor 6.3 or if you have to go outside the box with aggressively priced systems like AE MODULAR by tangible waves.


The Installation of both the free and paid version of Euro Reakt is very easy. Copy Euro Reakt into your preferred location. Launch Native Access and add Serial Number of the product, Native Access will ask where the product is installed.


Euro Reakt for Reaktor is a compilation of 140 blocks including virtual front-panel patching (like a real eurorack) and NKS support. Unfiltered Audio Euro Reakt includes an extensive variety of modules across oscillators, effects, modulators, sequencers, drum modules, vocoder and more. More than 100 Rack presets provides with a starting point and some ideas to get going if you are new to Eurorack. To use every included Rack, make sure to also pick up a copy of Euro Reakt – Free Edition, which includes 18 Blocks not found here and additional Racks to explore.

Euro Reakt 1
Euro Reakt

This modular collection leads you into Eurorack in the box. You can be creative, learn more about oscillators, effects, and sequencers without spending any money on all those modules. After you get used to the UI and how you wire up sounds you will enjoy some exciting adventures with modular. You can build rather quickly your next drone, ambiance patch or texture. You just need to export the WAV files and have some new and unique elements available when you compose the next time to picture, trailer or an ad. Example like the Lofi Haunting patch shows you clearly what is possible if you invest the time. The included Racks cover also advanced techniques to allow you to grow with your experience. You can dive into moving forming synthesis, drum sequencing, procreative composition, creative effects and so much more.

Euro Reakt Drum Machine
Euro Reakt Drum Machine

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Unfiltered Audio’s Euro Reakt for Reaktor is unique and a must have for any composer, Eurocrack addict who want to reduce the spent and anyone who want to get their feet wet with Eurorack. As a big bonus is the included example racks which are very instructive and get you started in no time. The absolutely ground-breaking Euro Reakt is one of the best collections for REAKTOR. Produced for sound design, great for any composer, and amazingly worthwhile for anyone working with Eurorack.

Euro Reakt Lofi Haunting
Euro Reakt Lofi Haunting

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