FWRD – A Free Sample Pack of Raw Sources Recorder from a Porsche Carrera S by AudioModern

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

FWRD (Affiliate Link) is a free sample pack released by AudioModern. Inside this free sound pack, you can find all the samples we recorded and used for the track plus bonus loops that were created with the raw sources recorder from the Porsche for inspiration and as an example of how the sounds can be used. FWRD contains One Shot Samples & Loops, all of them created by recording the Porsche and further tweaking the recordings. Have fun and be creative.


  • Mechanical & Tonal sound delivered at 24Bit / 48Khz.
  • Mutated Groove Loops and Mechanical Patterns @ 120Bpm
  • WAV File Format
  • 100% Royalty free for Personal & Commercial Use

Following the methods, AudioModern used in their ‘Making of the Shift series‘ video, announce the arrival of ‘FWRD’ a free sample pack featuring a variety of raw sources recorded from a Porsche Carrera S. Sound designer Stefan Torto collaborate with Director & Videographer Vivian Gerogianni to demonstrate AudioModern sound design process that can be found on the creation of our Shift (Affiliate Link) sample pack series as well as on various sounds on our Atom Instrument (Affiliate Link).

Image 29.05.19 at 20.37 1

Producing tonal sounds from a car was a creative challenge for AudioModern. At first, they recorded the belt alarm sound and sequenced it to create the main melody of the track. In addition, AudioModern used the metallic sound that was produced by the exhaust and this resulted in an arpeggio hung-style melody with the use of their Riffer (Affiliate Link) Plugin.

Image 29.05.19 at 20.37

The sound of the doors and other mechanical parts were used for their percussion sounds. Layering 5 different door hits and process them differently, the company exported them in a single stereo file. The sounds have been imported the file to EXS24 in Logic and mapped the entire note range in the keyboard.

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