United Plugins Entering the Market

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 3 June 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

United Plugins enters the market with FireCobra (intelligent mix enhancer), HyperSpace(algorithmic reverb), and Royal Compressor (vintage vari-mu compressor) audio plug-ins for MacOS and Windows.

About United Plugins

United Plugins is a federation of small, independent development teams comprised of individuals involved in the music industry. Indeed, the founding triad of FireSonic, JMG Music, and SounDevice Digital can count engineers, producers, and artists amongst their ‘united’ names. All were seeking the freedom to create the tools that they would like to use in their studios and on their projects. And all agreed that this could be better achieved by working together. Though United.


During the early stages of the audio recording period, engineers attempted perfection. Sound engineers tried to record and playback sounds as original as possible. Now, in the DAW and Computer era, perfection is practically feasible. Over time we looked back and wondered why do those old records have more soul and sound better. It’s psychoacoustics that makes things sound better. The analog devices are just the first step. We may be able to do much more than what the old hardware could do. And that’s what FireCobra is all about.

FireCobra combines the accuracy of the digital world with the live randomness of the analog. Behind its simple user interface, there’s more technology than you’d expect. FireCobra intelligently analyses the audio signal and makes it sound tighter and fuller, more powerful and better in general. It makes the mixes better with nearly no time wasted on setting it up. Just put it on every track you’d like to enhance and set how much. Quick and easy and sounds unbelievable.

United Plugins Entering the Market 4

Royal Compressor

Royal Compressor is inspired by a model of the classic British device from the Beatles era used on hundreds of record since the sixties Royal Compressor delivers true vintage analog sound and feel. Pleasant saturation and sensitive compression is something every track really needs. The simulation of the vari-mu circuits delivers warmth and pleasant compression to any kind of audio material. It‘s more than just suitable for vocals, bass, drums on both insert and bus.

Royal Compressor


HyperSpace is an algorithmic reverb allowing the user to create algorithms made up of various processors. Vintage, Classic, Retro, Modern, Sci-Fi and Cosmic modes let you combine various algorithms with endless possibilities. HyperSpace will enrich your tracks with myriads of colors. Hyperspace allows you to easily create your own algorithms in a fast intuitive way. From vintage plates or classic hardware to super realistic spaces or out of this world ethereal textures. We used machine learning to qualify over 20 million sets of values and selected only the best. All you have to do is simply use the pads to get a great sounding reverb that is unique to you


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