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Leonardo Laguna Ruiz

Virtual VCV Rack becomes Hardware Reality – made with love



Virtual VCV Rack becomes Hardware Reality

You may know the often used VCV Rack Vult group of software modules. The software version of Vult gives a vast variety of free and paid modules for VCV Rack. These modules can be downloaded straight of the VCV Store.

Vult for VCV Rack
Vult Hardware

Leonardo Laguna Ruiz the founder and genius behind Vult DSP launched recently two Eurorack Modules: Vorg and Freak.


Vorg Analog Filter Front
Vorg Analog Filter

Vorg is a fully analog low/high pass filter based on a modernized OTA version of the MS-20 filter. Vorg is available in the store as a fully assembled unit and as DIY kit as well.

This video is a comparison between the Real Hardware Vorg versus the Virtual Analog Vorg. Spoiler warning! they sound very similar.


Vult Freak

Vult Freak filter models

  • Tangents – Steiner-Parker filter containing three different variations
  • Lateralus – Ladder filter
  • Nurage – Low pass gate / Borg filter
  • Ferox – CMOS filter
  • Vortex – Russian filter
  • Unstable – Circuit bent State Variable filter
  • Stabile – State Variable filter
  • Rescomb – Resonant Comb filter
  • Vorg – MS-20 style filter

Freak is a digital filter that contains all the Virtual Analog filters Developed by Vult.

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