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Free ASMR is 8Dio’s 4th community project:The community with the guidance and help pf 8Dio creates a large ASMR sample library.  8Dio will provide 50% of all the samples in the library and the community will provide the rest.

To join the team create 5 ASMR sounds and send them to 8Dio – and in return, you will receive the entire sample library for free.  8Dio will edit, program and design the entire library with user-interface and everything else.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is the feeling you get from particular visual or aural stimuli, although it varies from person to person, it is generally triggered by soft, quiet sounds. The latest trends of ASMR videos are recorded to trigger this response, giving a feeling of relaxation and slight euphoria.

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Here is a couple of examples from 8Dio ASMR experimental sessions.

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