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Massive, Huge Bundle of 40 Instruments with 17000 Loops





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Image Sounds is proud to present their newest percussion bundle, Pro Percussion Bundle! This huge library contains more than 40 different instruments and offers a total of 17000 loops and 78 one-shots in many different styles. Weighing in at 29GB, this massive collection will be sure to provide you with the tools you need for your next production.

The loops are simple to use and enable a quick workflow, which is critical in music production. Be ready for an excellent percussion drum loops film trailer composer.

Any film lover knows that the music is just as important as the visuals when it comes to creating a truly immersive experience. The right piece of music has the power to elevate a scene, generating suspense, excitement, or even fear. Percussion libraries are an essential tool for film composers, providing a vast array of options for underscoring action scenes, chase sequences, and battle scenes.

Massive, Huge Bundle of 40 Instruments with 17000 Loops

Cinematic percussion libraries are often filled with sounds that are designed to imitate the effects of real-world objects, such as blades clashing or artillery fire. As a result, they can add a sense of realism and weight to a scene that would be impossible to achieve with traditional instruments. In addition to being realistic, cinematic percussion libraries are also highly versatile, allowing composers to create a wide range of sounds by layering different loops and samples together.

A film composer is someone who creates the music for a movie. The music in a movie is essential for setting the mood and creating an emotional response in the audience. A film composer often uses percussion loops to create a sense of tension or suspense in a scene.

Percussion loops are recordings of drums or other percussion instruments that are played over and over again. By using percussion loops, a film composer can create a sense of anxiety or suspense that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Cinematic Percussion Libraries

It is a versatile instrument that can play anything from ballads to speed metal and everything in between. It has a beautiful sound with an enormous dynamic range that may be utilized for dramatic, epic, orchestral percussion (orchestral music), world percussion, or cinematic music.

Massive Huge Bundle of 40 Instruments with 17000 Loops 1200X627
Image Sounds Pro Percussion Bundle

Ready for Trailer work

Any good film trailer should be designed to evoke a strong emotional response in the viewer. To do this, the music must be carefully chosen to match the tone of the trailer and create a sense of suspense or drama.

Cinematic percussion libraries are an essential tool for trailer composers, as they provide a wide range of percussion sounds that can be used to create the perfect soundtrack for any trailer. From pounding drums to ominous-sounding cymbals, these libraries offer everything you need to create an effective and impactful trailer score.

These kinds of samples are also great when you work on your next Epic Trailer, as trailer music requires focused effort while it has to feel like epic music with epic drums.

You may select loops for a complete song or just one sample for your song in a matter of seconds. The loops are simple to use and allow for a fast workflow, which is essential in music production.

Sound designers are ready

Sound designers will be able to further shape the content of their sounds with the patches provided by these libraries.

We recommend that you use this library for your next cinematic music composition, trailer, or epic soundtrack!

71% OFF: Pro Percussion Bundle by Image Sounds

40 Percussion Instruments in one big and unique Bundle! If you’re looking for professional percussion loops or percussion libraries, this collection of grooves and fills is sure to inspire your next project. The diverse range of percussion samples is the backbone for each track, providing a punchy yet open-sounding foundation.

Multitrack percussion loops

A multitrack percussion loop is a pre-recorded rhythm that contains multiple instrument tracks. This type of loop is often used by producers to create a foundation for a song. The advantage of using a multitrack percussion loop is that it gives the producer more control over the rhythm section. By being able to isolate each instrument track, the producer can choose which sounds to keep and which to discard.

This allows for a greater degree of creativity when crafting the perfect beat. In addition, multitrack percussion loops often contain a wide variety of percussion instruments, giving the producer access to a variety of sounds. Whether you’re looking for a traditional drum loop or something more experimental, a multitrack percussion loop can give your track the perfect foundation.

These high-quality multitrack percussion loops will bring your next project to life. Professional percussor recorded them over many years of experience in top-notch productions, so you know these sounds are authentic and ready for use!

This percussion product is unique in that all loops were recorded and mixed with multitrack recording. Different mics can be found depending on the instrument being played, giving it a depth not often seen in other products of its kind

The uniqueness of this Pitched Percussive Collection lies within its ability to combine multiple takes using different kinds or mic placements for each individual track creating rich layers you won’t find anywhere else This means there will always have something fresh sounding when listening through these samples because no two instruments sounded alike!

Image Sounds Pro Percussion Bundle

There is a mic perfect for every situation!

Mics can be used as either overhead or close-up instruments. They’re great at capturing sounds from percussive items like drums and mallets, but they also work well with other types of musical performances such as nylon strung guitars. So whether your mix needs some extra percussion flair or just wants an overall better quality recording because it sounds brighter through the speakers. You’ve got going down in terms of sound requirements.

There are three types of microphones that you can find in a recording studio – direct, overhead, and room. All have their own distinct sound quality which is perfect for different applications! For example, if your band needs some extra Boom Berry drums then no problem; just bring along any mic from this list so they’ll be ready when needed with minimal effort required on behalf of your percussion instruments because let’s face it: It takes enough power as piecing out tracks by yourself already…

Pro Percussion Bundle Content

The library is full of percussion instruments and offers a total of 17000 loops for your creativity. The library has a total size of 29 GB. The tempos are between 80 BPM – 140 BPM. Starting with 80 BPM. Then it goes in steps of ten to 140 BPM.

Backed and Dry

Grooves are the perfect way to add some groove-worthy beats into your tracks! They each contain mixed stereo percussion loops, so you can create anything from simple drum rolls in one hit or layered sounds using multiple hits. Dry versions of these grooved-up content pieces exist as well if needed for more creative control over what goes into a project dryly speaking.

Loop Tempo Information

The loops come with included tempo information that you can use to create your own beats. All you need to do is drag and drop the loops into your DAW of choice, adjust the tempo as needed, and start creating! The library has a total size of 29 GB. The tempos are between 80 BPM – 140 BPM. Starting with 80 BPM. Then it goes in steps of ten to 140 BPM. This is differentiation from other percussion libraries with drum sounds or orchestral drums.

Pre-mixed and EQ’d

With these easy-to-use kits, you can have the perfect sound for any occasion. These pre-mixed and EQ’d tracks are ready to go with just a light compression that will give it everything needed! They’re ready to go, with just the right EQ and light compression.

The surprising thing about this album is how well-recorded it actually is. The expert studio engineers and accomplished musicianship can be heard from every instrument, which was carefully recorded using high-quality equipment to ensure a great sounding mix for your speakers or headphones!

In addition, there are 24 bit & 44 kHz versions available so you will never have an issue hearing nuances in these songs as well.


As a film composer, one of the most important tools in my toolbox is a good percussion library. I’ve tried many different libraries over the years, and I’ve finally found one that is perfect for trailer work. The library is called “Cinematic Percussion Libraries”, and it comes with everything I need to create pulse-pounding trailer music.

The library includes a wide variety of percussion instruments, from massive drums to delicate cymbals. There are also a variety of presets and articulations, so I can always find the perfect sound for my cue. Best of all, the library is designed for easy integration with my DAW, so I can start composing immediately. If you’re looking for a percussion library that is ready for traile musicr, then I highly recommend Cinematic Percussion Libraries. It’s the perfect tool for any composer looking to add some excitement to their music.

You get a huge selection of different loops that all work well together or can be used individually. All the sounds in this library are perfect for any project you’re working on and come with easy instructions so they’ll sound great from beginning to end!

You’re in luck! For only $99 (normally $339), get the Pro Percussion Bundle containing more than 40 percussion instruments and one big, unique package. This is perfect for any student or professional looking to expand their horizons with some great sounds that are sure not found anywhere else at such a low price point.

Get your creative juices flowing with these amazing loops! Whether it’s for music, sound effects, or even just clanking around in a video. These grooves will inspire you to come up with something new and exciting any day of the week

Image Sounds Pro Percussion Bundle

Normally $339, this bundle is now available for only $99 (you save $240) for a limited time only. Don’t miss this amazing deal!

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