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Eos 2 by Audio Damage updated to v2.1.0




Eos 2 v2.1.0 by Audio Damage

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Eos 2 v2.1.0

This is a major update to Eos. In order to deal with some changes in the way JUCE handles parameters (which you may have noticed in automation problems with v2.0.x VST3) Audio Damage had to essentially rebuild the plugin from bare metal. In operation, you will not notice any changes (i.e. the feature set is the same as the previous version). However, you will notice a marked increase in stability and compatibility across all platforms. 

If you do own Eos 2 already check your email for a link to the free updated version of Eos.

Eos 2 by Audio Damage updated to v2.1.0

The one thing to pay attention to is existing sessions and presets. Audio Damage worked very hard to create an internal function that translates v2.0.x sessions and presets to the new internal format. Audio Damage tested it extensively, but you may notice slight changes. 

Eos 2 v2.1.0by Audio Damage
Eos 2 v2.1.0 by Audio Damage

In addition, Eos 2 has received a new user interface that is common across all platforms. And finally, Audio Damage removed the 32-bit build on macOS and raised the minimum to macOS 10.9. This is required for Apple’s new Notarization process. 

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