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Arturia Announces Immediate Availability Of Audiofuse 8pre Interface / Expander




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Audiofuse 8pre Interface / Expander

AudioFuse 8Pre, Arturia’s dual-mode 8 channel audio interface/expander, is now available. The Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre is a dual-mode interface and ADAT expander which boasts 8 channels of premium analog audio, rock-solid sync, USB-C, and optical connectivity. With Arturia’s award-winning lineage of pristine analog quality, AudioFuse 8Pre is destined to become the expander of choice in studios and creative spaces around the world.

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What Makes Audiofuse 8pre Unique?

8 Premium Preamps Without The Premium Price

The bespoke DiscretePRO© mic preamps have some of the best specs in the industry. They’re tonally transparent, have huge gain, and practically zero noise.

Dual Functionality

AudioFuse 8Pre can either be used as a standalone multi-in/out interface, or as a high-quality expander for another interface.

AudioFuse8Pre Back

Pristine Audio Quality

At every stage in its circuitry, Arturia has used the highest quality components to provide the perfect recording and listening experience with totally flat response and perfect AD/DA conversion.

Desktop or Rackmount

The rack ears can face forward to mount in a 19” studio rack or face down to use the unit as a desktop interface.

Fantastic Included Software

AudioFuse 8Pre comes with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, accurately recreated vintage preamps and legendary studio effects that will give your music that triple-A studio sound.

Audiofuse 8pre Features

  • 16 inputs, 20 outputs channels
  • 8 microphone preamps with DiscretePRO® technology
  • 2 instrument inputs on channel 1&2
  • 2 analog balanced inserts on channel 1&2
  • 2 channels (1&2) with front panel access for ease of instant connectivity
  • 8 independent analog line outputs
  • Speaker analog outputs on balanced TRS Jack
  • 1 stereo headphones outputs, on both 6.35 and 3.5mm TRS, designed for headphones up to 600 Ohms.
  • Monitoring section with individual level control for speakers and phones
  • Direct monitoring ultra-low latency internal mixer
  • 8 digital ADAT inputs/outputs up to 96kHz
  • Word clock input, output/thru on BNC
  • DiscretePRO® Individual audio performance certificate delivered with each unit.
  • Comes with AudioFuse Creative Suite
  • 24-bit latest generation AD/DA converters at up to 192kHz sampling rate.
  • USB-C interface compatible with PC & Mac, fully USB 2.0 compatible
  • Robust metal chassis in 1u single rack form factor


The AudioFuse interface range connects your computer to the world of music. Record with the highest quality, monitor with absolute precision and bring all of your gear together to create the music you always wanted to.


Arturia Audiofuse 8pre Wants To Meet You Recording Needs

Arturia advertised at NAMM 2019 this highly spec’d, versatile studio solution puts 8 channels of premium analog audio in a simple, intuitive interface, making it easier than ever for musicians, producers, and engineers to achieve their creative goals.

  • Drum recording: 8 channels of premium audio, so you don’t have to choose which drum mic gets the best preamp. They’re all the best! 
  • Using boutique mics: huge gain and no noise means you can crank the levels and still have a pristine audio signal. 
  • Live recording: 8 superb preamps let you track a whole band with the best audio quality around. 
  • Live performing: 8 outputs let you give the sound tech more options, so you can sound your best when you hit the stage. 
  • Creative recording: channels 1 and 2 feature dedicate effect insert points, giving you more creative scope during tracking
  • Expanding your setup: if you already own an interface you love, AudioFuse 8Pre can add another 8 ins and 8 outs through ADAT. 
  • Mix with confidence: the included software plug-ins are modeled on some of the most iconic studio outboard ever made from the 60s to the present day. 
  • Master with accuracy: absolute flat response and no noise at all volumes, across all frequencies, both on the headphone, monitor, and line outputs. 
AudioFuse8Pre Front


You can purchase the Audiofuse 8pre directly from Arturia or the retailer.

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