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OmniPulse 3 | CineFire an Adventuresome Cinematic Rhythmic Sound Collection for Omnisphere 2.6 or later




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OmniPulse 3 | CineFire by Plugin Guru Sound Collection for Omnisphere 2.6 or later

Plugin Guru released OmniPulse 3 | CineFire an adventurous 100% rhythmic library for Cinematic/soundtrack. The OmnTempo Locked Phrases to Percussive Tick Tock and even a bunch of super-realistic bowed string orchestra patches PLUS 13 Multis that combine up to 7 patches to make super inspiring soundscapes make this a library for everybody. The library requires Omnisphere 2.6 or later.

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Pulses from simple to complex – Pulses that can be easily modified to use any samples in Omnisphere’s incredible built-in sample library. There are 15 pulse patches.

OmniPulse 3 CineFire PluginGuru

Bowed string rhythmic Patches

Plugin Guru found a really awesome blend of a couple of samples in Omnisphere that make convincing string orchestra patches and then made expressive Arpeggiator Patterns to sound like a bowed string orchestra. There are 15 bowed string patches.

Rhythmic Percussion/Drums/Tick Tocks

Cool huge cinematic hits to vintage drums to a variety of tick-tocks… we got lots of rhythmic ideas to play with! There are 41 BPM DRUM + Percussion patches.

Rhythmic PHRASES

Did you know there is a TON of phrases built into Omnisphere? Lots of categories of sounds, mostly vocal and ethnic instruments but there are also guitar and even percussion phrases. It’s been difficult to use them because they are not synced to tempo until now! Using our Granular playback technique developed by Airwave, we can now playback phrases and have them sync to tempo. Some of these are “natural” sounding while others are totally off the wall. All of them are useful and inspiring! There are 23 BPM PHR patches.


OmniPulse 3 | CineFire is available now directly at the Plugin Guru site.

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