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Audified Aims Tonespot One-shot Channel Processing Plug-in Idea At Quickly Magnifying Electric Guitar Sounds




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ToneSpot Electric Pro Released

ToneSpot Electric Pro is an innovative ToneSpot one-shot channel processing plug-in concept at easily promoting electric guitar tones as another aptly-named Swiss Army Knife-style solution fit for working with the heaviest of genres through to more established ones. Regardless of blends of guitar amps, pedals, or plug-ins are already being used in the tricky and time-consuming craft of pursuing electric guitar processing perfection.

 ToneSpot Electric Pro improves the tone, no matter what amps, stompboxes, or plug-ins its users are already using for their electric guitar processing. Putting it to the test should surely prove to be an ear-opening experience for anyone adding it to their tone-hunting plug-in collection! And anyone seeking something simpler still could consider Audified’s alternative ToneSpot Electric Express offering, featuring the same processing power as its bigger brother, but with a reduced control count. Clearly, pursuing electric guitar processing perfection is indisputably no longer the tricky and time-consuming craft it once was — thanks to Audified’s audacity! 

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Anyone who has ever tried to ape an exceptional-sounding electric guitar tone that they have heard on one of their favorite artist recordings should surely appreciate how tricky and time-consuming quest finding the ‘Holy Guitar Grail’ can be.

Acquiring an awesome guitar and amp combo, magnificent microphones, superb-sounding stompboxes, and outstanding outboard effects can be a costly business. Before trying to perfect putting those purchases into practice! Perhaps getting hold of some of the many magical guitar amps and authentic-sounding stompbox simulating plug-ins out there today better suits some aspiring artists and producers as an achievable alternative. As amazing as both ways of working can clearly sound, more often than not. That sought-after exceptional-sounding electric guitar tone proves to be beyond reach when recorded and mixed with the rest of the band. Even endless tweaking fails to yield the desired result — really frustrating for anyone, novice or otherwise.

Electric guitars can take a lot of processing. With many of today’s genres, giving guitars the treatment they need to musically shine is key to a mix’s success, so it is important to get the guitar sound just right. Reality dictates that guitars are often having to vie for attention with several layers of other instruments that can clash if left unchecked within the confines of a muddled mix. More often than not, it could be that the recordings themselves sound too thin, sterile, or harsh due to a lack of audio engineering skill. Similarly, bringing back overly muddy- or dark-sounding guitar recordings from the brink of disaster can prove problematic.

ToneSpot Electric Pro an pursuing electric guitar processing perfection needs not necessarily be the tricky and time-consuming craft it once was with just this one processing plug-in taking care of all the musical magic as the hitherto missing ‘magic bullet’ — truly the key to success since it bears bountiful tricks on tap that draws from a deep well of extensive engineering know-how, yet balances that with much in the way of creative freedom.

Availability and Pricing

ToneSpot Electric Pro is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of $49.00 USD until October 18, 2019 — rising thereafter to $99.00 USD — from Audified’s online shop.

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