Continuo Cinematic Guitar Texture Designer by Karanyi Sounds

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 28 October 2019
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Continuo Guitar Your Cinematic Guitar Orchestra

Continuo is a complex-sounding cinematic texture creator library based on electric guitars for producing continuous pads, mysterious soundscapes, unique atmospheres. Continuo Guitar allows you to create experimental sublayers notably for the film, video game, and electronic music.

Producer & Songwriter Iamyank

Continuo is created in collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist producer/songwriter Iamyank who keeps building up memorable scenes around the audience with futuristic synths, spacey guitar and dirty drums on the edge of instrumental and electronic music. Check out more about IAMYANK here

Continuo Pedals wide Big

About Karanyi Sounds is a sample developer company that was founded by award-winning composer, music producer Dani Karanyi in 2018. Over the last 17 years, he produced electronic music albums as well as film, animation, video game scores, and TV advertisements. As a pianist, he was always passionate about exploring how to bring life to the digital world of music production and seeking new techniques of sound manipulation. Teamed up with Los Angeles-based composers and other sound designers around Europe, he started to sample his favorite synthesizers and release them as Kontakt instruments with a simple-to-use, intuitive interface. Karanyi Sounds keeps developing new inspiring instruments and expanding our repertoire to other sound sources too.

Continuo Features

  • 360+ extra-long samples (30-150 second long recordings)
  • 24bit / 48kHz sample rate​
  • 2.7 GB total size (3.6 GB uncompressed)
  • Recorded with Universal Audio Apollo 8p
  • Kontakt 5.7.3+ required
  • Royalty-free license
  • 6 GB free disk space for the complete installation.
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Availability and Pricing

Continuo is available now directly from the developer or kontakt hub.

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