Ghosts by Empty Vessel for TAL Sampler

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 6 November 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

The Ghosts library for the TAL Sampler is the result of the continuing fascination of Empty Vessel with the imperfection of all types, the bruises, and battle-scars, the ghosts, and dust which are inherently missing quite often from software instruments and ITB production. Empty Vessel is Greg and his cat. He creates a set of playable, imagined instruments that sound real like they do exist.

ALL sounds in the demo are from the pack, unedited, no other FX

Patches and Ghosts Detail

52 patches – mainly pads, slowly evolving and full of texture, grit, hiss, life, and history. Also Keys, FX & Drones, and one solitary bass patch. Velocity and Modwheel mapped to give as much playability and expression as possible. All samples are carefully mastered to a sensible LUFS level and presented as 24bit/48KHz WAVs for use outside of the pack if desired.

The sources are very diverse but include some samples from Greg tired old Austrian upright piano, using a borrowed Rode NTG1 microphone to focus very closely in to capture some out of tune notes, string scrapes and pluck and noises from the wooden case of the piano itself. Other field recordings, heavily processed are also used along with some hardware synths and software sources processed through an array of software, cassette, dictaphone, reel to reel and of course, my hardware samplers.

Availability and Pricing

Ghosts for the TAL Sampler is available now, for a time-limited time on a sale price.

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