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MONOLITH: The Most Powerful Bass Engine Ever Created




MONOLITH The Most Powerful Bass Engine Ever Created 1

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There is a new bass engine in town, and it goes by the name of Monolith. This beast of an engine was created by Artistry Audio, and it promises to deliver infinite bass possibilities. Whether you are looking for quick and easy mix-cutting presets or want to dive deep into the parameters to create your own unique tones, Monolith has you covered.

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MONOLITH The Most Powerful Bass Engine Ever Created

MONOLITH by Artistry Audio

Are you looking for a way to make your music stand out from the rest? Monolith is here to help! With hundreds of presets and deep editing capabilities, Monolith can help you create totally unique bass tones. Whether you’re looking for a hard-hitting sound that will cut through the mix or something more subtle, Monolith has you covered. So don’t wait any longer – start using Monolith to take your music to new heights! Whether you’re looking for a new bass sound for your productions or want to create something unique, Monolith is worth checking out.

Make Your Music Sound Great!

MONOLITH is an exceptional tool for anyone looking to add some extra oomph to their music. Hundreds of presets make it easy to find the perfect sound for any track. And for those who want to get more creative, the ability to import your samples opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re looking for some hard-hitting bass or some smooth and mellow tones, Monolith has you covered. So if you’re ready to take your music to the next level, don’t hesitate to try Monolith.

MONOLITH The Most Powerful Bass Engine Ever Created
MONOLITH: The Most Powerful Bass Engine Ever Created

Browse & Build

MONOLITH is a powerful new synthesizer perfect for any producer looking to create massive bass sounds. The fully-featured browser makes it easy to find the right sound, and the onboard tagging system makes it simple to keep track of your presets. The sequence, arp, motion and FX presets are all designed to help you shape a massive bass sound that will dominate any dancefloor or widescreen. With MONOLITH, you can easily create the perfect bass sound for any project.

Controlled Chaos

With MONOLITH exhaustive randomization engine, you can explore new sonic frontiers and find new inspiration for your next track. With the dice buttons, you can choose to manipulate sounds, playback, FX, macro assignments, and more. You’re in control, using randomization filters to change only the elements of the sound you want to remodel. The results will be musical and inspirational, ready to drop straight into your next track.

Pure Bass Power

Monolith is a powerful instrument for creating bass tones. Monolith provides a wide range of sound possibilities with two layers of samples. The sample drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to create custom instruments by fusing your sounds with the Monolith engine.

You can also use the motion and layer fx chains to create great bass tones from just a few clicks. The Monolith instrument is developed for the Free Kontakt Player, and fully NKS integrated, so it loads as a single NKI packed with hundreds of presets for nearly limitless tool and FX combinations.

Macros in Motion

Despite its simple concept, Monolith is overflowing with rhythmic automation options. You can adjust multiple parameter layers, from tempo-synced FX macros to intricate arpeggio and motion sequence programming. Plus, with dynamic playback and a wide variety of playback modes and preset banks, you can easily apply these powerful mutations to any bass sound. And if that’s not enough, you can also use the Monolith as a stand-alone instrument or integrate it into your DAW for even more flexibility. So whether you’re a seasoned producer or just getting started, Monolith will give you the power and versatility you need to create killer bass tracks.


Monolith is a whole new category of electronic bass instruments. I don’t know how you got so much energy into these sounds, but this thing will have many more uses than just bass on so many future projects! The power and range of these Kontakt Libraries are fantastic and so easy to use. The sleek design is impressive, and the team looks great on any desk. The Monolith is a must-have for any producer or musician who wants to create cutting-edge music.

If you’re looking for a synth that can give you some serious bass, then Monolith is worth checking out. The sheer number of different samples means you can get everything from a clean, solid bass sound to something more gnarly and distorted. And the flexible UI controls make it easy to dial in precisely the sound you’re after. Monolith is a keeper for anyone serious about getting some massive bass sounds in their tracks.

How Composers Use Bass in Their Tracks

The bass is one of the essential instruments in music. It provides the foundation that the other instruments build on and helps to create the unique sound of a track. The bass is typically used to provide the lowest note in a piece of music. It is often used to establish the key or tonality of a piece. The bass can create a sense of tension or suspense in a track or add momentum and drive. It can also be used to develop a sense of warmth or depth.

In some pieces of music, the bass is used as a solo instrument. In others, it plays a supporting role. The bass is often improvised in some genres, such as jazz and blues. The bass usually plays the left-hand part of the piano score in classical music.

The genre will often determine the type of bass used in a piece of music. For example, upright acoustic bass is commonly used in jazz, while an electric bass is more common in rock and pop. In film and TV scores, synth bass is often used to create various sounds.

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