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Cinematic Strikes – Enormous Sounding Percussive Hits

CINEMATIC STRIKES joins the BOOM Library Cinematic Series – and it focuses on big sounding drums. A whole world of cinematic percussive sound design lies a few clicks away.

From devastating cracks and stomps over crisp swells and rolls to epic ensemble hits – you will be sure to find and build just what you are looking for.

With the ultimate flexibility of different microphone positions, single and ensemble hits, flams and swells using various drums and beaters, you couldn’t be better equipped to design huge blockbuster and trailer hits – or simply place ready-to-use DESIGNED sounds into your timeline and feel the earth shake.

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Sounds Included

Bass Drum, Boom, Box, Cajon, Concert Tom, Crack, Crash, Daiko, Double Hit, Ensemble, Flam, Foot, Gong, Hard Beater, Hit, Jam Block, Kick, Kodo, Log, Mallet, Bin, Punch, Roll, Single, Snare, Soft Beater, Splash, Sticks, Stomp, Sweetener, Swell, Tabla, Taiko, Tambora, Thunder Sheet, Tom, Whip, Whoosh Hit, Wood Percussion, Woodblock

Pricing and Special Black Friday Period Sale

Order Cinematic Strikes today and save 20% – The offer is valid until December 3, 2019.
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