Plugin Alliance launches Lindell Audio 80 Series

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 21 November 2019
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Lindell Audio 80 Series Released by Plugin Alliance

One of the most beloved consoles emulated to the core – Neve 80 Series Console and 80 Series Mix Buss emulations.

Based on a truly magical desk on which countless seminal records have been cut in the last 30 years: think Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a Down and Slipknot – the sound of this analog legend is nothing short of extraordinary. The product contains 2 plugins – the channel and the buss – and comes complete with 32 different Tolerance Modeling Technology channels!

Lindell 1073/1084/2254 Channel Modules

Lindell Plugins is proud to bring you their exacting emulation of original 1073/1084/2254 channel modules and the 1272 line amplifier buss module into your DAW. One of the classic hand-wired mixing consoles made by Neve Electronics, the 8028 is a truly magical desk on which countless seminal records have been cut in the last 30 years; think Queen, David Bowie, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Slipknot –– the sound of this analog legend is nothing short of extraordinary. In Lindell 80 Series, you will find aggression and power to make your records sound as analog as possible.

Lindell 80 Series Channel Features

  • Vintage sound of the 1073/1084/2254 in your DAW
  • Bring the sound of the 8028 Neve console into your ITB projects
  • All the roaring power of the world’s most beloved mic pre – the 1073!
  • True analog algorithmic emulation of all part components
  • Hits the sweet spot of “just right” when it comes to the tone of the mic and line transformers and the frequency selections of the three-band equalizer
  • Switch to the Neve 1084 which builds on the same basic design of the world-famous 1073, but offers a completely different palette of frequency selections.
  • Single‑sided, discrete, class‑A electronics and three transformers in the audio path of the 2254 sounds silky smooth and luxurious.
  • Auto Recovery, parallel mix control on the compressor along with THD, 32 channels of TMT and more!
  • Oversampling: from 2x up to 16x
  • GUI Zoom: Scale the plugin GUI from 70% of standard size and up to 100%

Lindell 80 Series Buss Features

  • Modeled from the Vintage Line Amp 1272
  • The 1272 Line Amp (1073 line driver) originally built for the 80 Series consoles
  • “Fat” Low-End Response, Extreme console mix separation
  • TMT & THD to offer a true analog buss processing power 
  • Beef up your individual group busses and your final mix buss to get the rich and smooth tone of the renowned Neve hardware

Dating back to 1969 when first brought to the market, the 80 Series analog mixing desks attained somewhat of a cult-like status due to their uniqueness and rarity. Known for their breathtaking depth, pristine high end, and rich definition, the individual modules that comprise these desks have stood the test of time. It is no wonder that institutions like Sound City Studios, Oscilloscope Labs, Electric Lady Studios, and Sphere Studios have relied on the sound and features offered by this desk.

Lindell 80 Series brings the sound of this desk into the digital domain. Track, mix, and master your records with this particular Neve flavor and achieve the thick tone only made possible by the individual components found in the original channel strip.

Tolerance Modeling Technology

To complete their new console offering, Lindell Audio has licensed the patent-pending Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT) from Brainworx in order to provide an authentic analog experience in the digital realm. Mix your songs with 32 different channels in order to replicate the various component tolerances found in the original hardware. As part of the Plugin Alliance family, Lindell is also offering workflow and feature set with this new TMT console that will feel very familiar to all users of the current bx_console.

Pricing and Availability

Lindell Audio’s Lindell 80 Series is available for purchase (as an AAX Native-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plugin for macOS 10.9 through 10.14 and Windows 7 through 10) at an attractive introductory price of $199.99 USD — rising thereafter to an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $249.00 USD. Lindell 80 Series is included in Plugin Alliance’s monthly MEGA Bundle subscription and annual MEGA Bundle subscription at no extra cost!

Note that Lindell 80 Series users are also provided with access to Lindell 80 Buss, a separate plugin providing an exacting emulation of the 1272 drop-in module used as a buss amplifier originally built for Neve Electronics’ ‘80 Series’ analog mixing consoles.
A fully-functional, 14-day trial of Lindell 80 Series is available to anyone registering for a free Plugin Alliance account here.

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