8Dio launching FREE You “On The House”

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 9 December 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Free You by 8Dio

8Dio launched a new series of free advanced sample libraries for every composer and sound designer. Free You is a follow-up to 8Dio popular Free Angels and Free Radicals libraries, which were done in collaboration with their excellent community of users.

8Dio’s Free You is a new-generation art software instrument created in collaboration with our talented community. Free You was partially created by 200+ sound designers and partially created in-house by 8DIO. The instrument is best described as a deeply personal and unique textural composition tool. You can literally touch and feel the library at times – from the brightest heavens to the darkest of nightmares. The concept was to create sounds and instruments that were personal.  

The sounds and music of our lives. The end result is an ever-surprising collection of musical sound designs and instruments.  All +300 presets in Free You contains 3 different sound sources, which can be used together or independently.  

Free You Content

Free You contains over 4.5GB of heavenly sound designs divided into three core sound categories, including Tonal Textural Melodic Tools, BPM-Synced Rhythmic Pads and unique Stuttery Rhythms. The Tonal Textural Tools are designed to add sustained and plucked textures to your music. The Rhythmic Pads are fantastic for momentum and pulse – propelling the music to new places. The library contains over 300 organized presets – that each contains 3 unique sound layers that you can freely sculpt between. Free You contains 26 core banks that each contain 12 different patches. You can move and choose patches in real-time since they all come pre-loaded.


8Dio made this library available at a special introduction price of 0USD. You can obtain the library directly here: Free You 

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