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Klevgränd Offers Free Santa Jussi




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Santa Jussi – Ho ho ho!

Klevgränd launched a free version of Santa Jussi which is an untrimmed version of Jussi.

Klevgränd Offers Free Santa Jussi
Klevgränd Offers Free Santa Jussi 4

Santa Jussi is simply a Christmas:ified version of our popular vocal synthesizer Jussi. No parameters, just plug and play. Make him sing your holiday greetings! His articulation might need a transcript though. Santa Jussi is available as an AU/VST/AAX plugin for macOS & Windows.

About Klevgrand

Klevgrand is a creative studio and software company in Stockholm run by filmmakers, musicians, software developers, producers, and sound designers.

Klevgrand Christmas Sale

The company runs currently a Christmas Sale – Up to 50% on many products, including Brusfri & Jussi!

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Klevgränd Offers Free Santa Jussi 5


To get your copy, simply login to your Klevgrand account (or create a free account). When logged in, Santa Jussi will be available as an”exclusive member content” in the user area. Merry Christmas!

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