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During the holidays, many people are looking for opportunities to buy presents for their loved ones. And what better present than a subscription to Loopcloud?

This year’s Christmas sale is your chance to get 50% off Loopcloud’s range of Annual Plans and save time by buying now!

Act quickly though, because this offer won’t last long.

I use Loopcloud also to manage the vast range of my own samples, the user interface helps me personally a lot to manage and find new sounds.

Music Producer Making Music
Music Producer Making Music 

About Loopmasters                

Loopmasters is the definitive place to find the best samples, loops, and instruments from the world’s most influential DJs, artists, and producers.

In 2017, Loopmasters launched Loopcloud, the industry-leading subscription service that gives producers the tools they need to take their music further.

Where Melodies and Beats Begin

Introducing two cloud‑connected plugins that turn samples into playable instruments: Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY.

Sounds, kits, and song collections from well-known musicians, producers, and labels. This is another fantastic tool for both experienced musicians and aspiring artists.

Are All Of Loopcloud’s Royalty Free Samples?

Yes. You’ll have a full royalty-free license for every sample that you download from Loopcloud.

Loopmasters offers royalty-free samples for purchase, with high-quality tempos and beat structures. This is an excellent tool for both musicians and producers that want to manage their sample packs.

Any samples that you purchase with points – or through your free quota – are yours for a lifetime. For more information, read Loopcloud’s full license terms.

What Computer Platforms And Music Software Is Loopcloud Compatible With?

Loopcloud is a cloud-based screen recording software that works on both Mac and PC. The program may be used in standalone mode or via the Loopcloud VST, AU, or AAX plugin.

This directly connects to any music software with plugin support: Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Propellerheads Reason, FL Studio, and any other music software that supports third-party plugins.

Pensive creative music producer in studio
Pensive creative music producer in studio

Loopcloud 6

The new version of the program, Loopcloud 6, includes AI integration, allowing artists and producers to discover the sound they need faster. Also included: three new effects, AI-tagging for user content, intuitive export options, and more.

Can I Find My Needed Flavor In My Multiple Samples?

The addition of Loopcloud’s new Audio Filters has made it simpler to locate that ideal sound that floats around in your head.

The lowest note of a tune is sometimes referred to as the tonic, and it’s typically the note that everyone plays. You may incorporate melodic themes into your music, but they should always be subordinate to a chord progression.

To make things simpler for yourself, start with a simple bassline and work your way up from there. Leverage the adjustable audio search filters to select your next base for rhythmic sound matching.

The Perfect Match

Now you’ve discovered that exclusive sample; build on it with sounds that complement it rhythmically and melodically. Using the “sound-matching” algorithm, Loopcloud will scan its own library and your collection for samples and loops that go well with your source sound.

This isn’t a cheat code for producing music, but it may spark innovative ideas and eureka moments.

When I produce lo fi hip hop either based on preset packs or any of my sample library matched with my own sample collection. I love the similar sound recommendations which is part of the latest version.

Switch-up Similar Sounds

If you come across a sound that is just right in terms of vibe but doesn’t quite match your needs, simply select “Find Similar Sounds.”

This unique feature instantly provides a selection of comparable alternatives so you can discover the missing piece of the solution.

Additional Effects and Patterns

The Loopcloud Rack has been expanded with the inclusion of three new effects: EQ, Tonebox, and Compressor. The effects’ settings may be customized to your liking, or you can go with one of several immediately invigorating presets.

There are now more options for creating original patterns, such as arpeggios, basslines, rhythms, and more.

Step Into The Dark

Musicians are frequently at their most productive while others sleep.

With that in mind, Loopmaster introduced a gorgeous new Dark Mode to help you be creative late into the night.

Loopcloud’s Christmas Discounts

The bells are ringing for a variety of Loopcloud’s greatest discounts this Christmas. Take advantage of the holiday period to expand your sound with over 10,000 high-quality samples and save up to 50% on our range of Annual Plans.

Take control of your musical experience with next-generation instruments DRUM and PLAY, providing you a solid foundation on which to build a new year full of creativity.

Take Your Music Anywhere

You may save space on your hard drive by storing all of your sample vials in the cloud. Whether you’ve been collecting for decades or are just getting started, we’ll help you get started.

Creative Music Producer At Home
Creative Music Producer At Home

The number of tags and categories you have will determine how well this works. If your library is large, which it should be considering the amount of music you have, then everything is tagged and organized automatically alongside your Loopmasters library.

Access everything in your sample pack. Any time, any place

Find the Perfect Sound, Faster with Loopmasters’ Loopcloud

Within a single program, you may access your own sounds and preview over 4 million Loopmasters samples. Select among instruments, genres, labels, keys, bpm, and more to discover what you’re looking for.

This plugin includes an innovative sound search (courtesy of Jamahook) that provides you with the tracks you want right away, as well as intelligent tagging.

You won’t be seduced by the technicalities. Get lost in the song instead of the specifics.

Loopcloud Subscription

For serious production heads, a Loopcloud subscription has everything they need: full access to 4 million royalty-free samples, the Loopcloud AI-powered app, the highly acclaimed Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY plugins, and thousands of sound packs by iconic artists such as Deadmau5, Roni Size, Rodriguez Jr, Mad Professor and many more to get those creative juices flowing.

1200x628 LC Xmas 21
Unwrap the BEST EVER Christmas Sale: Loopcloud Annual Plan 6

Professional Plan

The biggest saving arrives alongside the Professional Plan, with 7,200 points for sounds, 250GB of Cloud Storage across four machines, plus more free sounds than you will ever need for £89.99 / $109.99 for a year.

There’s also 30% off the Studio plan, available from £69.99 / $83.99 with access to 3600 points per year, 50GB of Cloud Storage and a ton of extra free sounds on two machines.

Every Loopcloud Annual subscription comes with a 1GB Welcome Pack, a sonic Santa’s sack preloaded with a diverse range of samples and presets for DRUM and PLAY, including the Artist Plan.

Available for the holiday season starting at £49 / $65 it’s the ideal introduction for new and occasional producers, delivering 100 points per month, 10 free sounds per day, and 5GB of Cloud Storage.


Annual plans are available from £49 / €57 / $65 for a limited time

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