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Elektro Drum Generator EDG-20 for Kontakt Released

EDG-20 (Elektro Drum Generator) instrument is based on a large set of meticulously produced samples derived from the legendary Linn LM series of retro drum machines with the addition of a separate ‘sub’ kick that can be layered to add weight. F

Forrmatted for NI Kontakt and also mapped for Komplete Kontrol, the EDG-20 comes with 25 pre-defined kits that include low-res options at 4bit, 8bit and 12bit resolutions with sample rates from 4k to 32k in addition to the full resolution, 24-bit, 44.1k versions. 

The instrument, which is GM standard mapped, features velocity-layered samples with adjustable master reverb, delay, distortion and filtering, all accessed from a comprehensive yet intuitive mixer-style interface that includes attack and release controls for the kick and snare.

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Sub51 Sound Design Released EDG 20
Elektro Drum Generator by Sub51-Sound Design Released EDG-20 for Kontakt 3

Each voice can be adjusted for pan, tune and volume and the delay may be tempo-synced or adjusted manually. Also included are 71 ready-made loops designed to tempo sync to your DAW host; each loop has a companion MIDI file allowing mapped ‘slices’ to be triggered from your preferred sequencer. Based on loops originally created between 84bpm, and 136bpm and with both clean and sympathetically affected versions, this library is especially well-suited to genres such as ambient, chillout, downtempo, electronica, experimental and retro.

About Sub51-Sound Design

Sub51 specializes in unique, well-crafted, 100% royalty-free sample loop, rhythms, and sound effects. ​With over 25 years of experience in sound creation and manipulation, Sub51 meticulously create original material for worldwide artists/songwriters, engineers, producers, and remixers as well as the wider field of film composition and multimedia.

About Sub51 Sound Design
Elektro Drum Generator by Sub51-Sound Design Released EDG-20 for Kontakt 4
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