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FRQ Shift Review

TONSTURM has released over the years many top quality products aiming to help the professional sound designers in their daily work. FRQ Shift is a clear sounding, artifact-clear, dual-frequency shifter engine. This effect plugin wants to do many tasks on hand from subtle modulation and stereo enhancement to more extreme atonal effects, perfect for building tension and creating atmospheric backdrops.

There are other plugins that adjust the pitch of a sound to maintain the tuneful sound formation. A frequency shifting effect moves and shapes all frequencies by an equivalent quantity.FRQ Shift is an outstanding plugin that comes up with an innovative approach on how to shape the sound. Tonsturm did send a review copy with no strings attached.


Imagine you are working on a new series that requires futuristic sounds from out of the world or future devices. In this workflow, FRQ Shift helps you tremendously and helps as well to produce feelings and moods for the background.

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FRQ Shift Guitar – Left Unchanged Right Changed

Different from a traditional pitch shifter, all frequency elements of the sound are constructed in equal parts. This results in a very clean-sounding effect without artifacts. For drum loops and similar-sounding tracks, the transients and punch are preserved. With this plugin force, you let subtle modulations change your tone and can add stereo image widening or intense atonal effects. Additional four effects: Shifter, Delay, Resonator and Filter enable you to add shape the sound.

FRQ Shift Features

  • FRQ Shift is an ultra-clean sounding, artifact-free, dual-frequency shifter engine
  • Capable of everything from subtle modulation and stereo enhancement to more extreme atonal effects
  • Four feedback effects that can be introduced into the Frequency Shifters feedback path
  • Introducing a state of the art modulation system that allows you to create tense and alive sounding patches

FRQ Shift Presets

There are many valuable presets included that guide you through the possibilities of this plugin and show you in an easy way where you can take your sound.

This plugin sounds like it was made for the sound designer first. Musicians and producers can really change the vibe of a track or song with this little effect plugin, Shaping drums, for example, has never bee so much fun and results in excellent content unique to you. Anyone who works on sound design needs to check out FRQ Shift which is available in a 14 days trial iLok version. Producer, Eurorack performer and anyone who connects their AE Modular to a PC will love the possibilities it offers to enhance innovational and saturate tracks or the whole mix. Replacing a microcassette or tape which you mangle. To fully mimic tape I did add slow down the track. To get started put the plugin on a sample or feed a Kontakt Instruments directly into the effect. Use the LFO’s to get some different shapes and rhythms for your sounds and tracks.

Liveliness Sounds Enhancements

You can change and finetune with this plugin sounds that sound dull and really enhance them, this is an excellent way to inject new life into a boring loop. With this tool, you can creatively turn liveliness loops and sounds into exciting sounds. And the results are unique to you.

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

FRQ Shift is an exceptional new approach to prepare fresh and surprising effects. The effect plugin helps you tremendously to transform your sounds, sound effects, and aerial backdrops. Producer and anyone who performs AE Modular, Eurorack and Semi-Modular can adjust the results in the DAW later. FRQ Shift furnishes you with a very modular (AE Modular/Eurorack) vibe on your tracks.

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