SOR Hats & Tops Vol. 3 by Resonance Sound

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 20 February 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

SOR Hats & Tops Vol. 3 by Resonance Sound

For the summer season a well-chosen hat and top do make a great beach appearance, don’t you agree? Alright, let’s stop the joking and let’s get serious – the Hats & Tops Series by Sounds of Revolution (SOR) just got extended by the all-new Hats & Tops Vol. 3 (Affiliate Link).

SOR HatsTops Vol.3 1000x512 1
SOR Hats & Tops Vol. 3 by Resonance Sound 3

It certainly goes without saying that despite excessive summer heat Oliver Schmitt took no excuse to sit down in his studio anyway, swarmed with the latest pro studio gear to craft just those all-new, never-heard samples, joining them in pulsating rhythms, psycho-acoustic masterpieces and instant floor fillers once added to the latest track-to-be of yours.

Distributed through Resonance Sound, this collection takes care of what ‘cool & detailed kick-free loops’ is all about: fx, hihat, melodic and percussion drum loops are both inspiring as such and leaving plenty of space for your creativity at the same time. Dedust your conventions, kickstart your signature sound with this fresh groove collection by SOR.

SOR Hats & Tops Vol. 3 Features

  • 184 MB
  • 110 detailed top loops (124bpm)
  • 020 Free Bonus Samples
  • ALL Audio Demo Sounds are included in the pack
  • Formats: 24-bit WAV Stereo

SOR Hats & Tops Vol.3 (Affiliate Link) is a true gem for all producers who love to tinker with all-new and fresh top loops for techno, minimal, electronic, deep & dub house and so much more – there certainly is always room for a fine selection of the tightest, grooviest and most detailed top loops out there.

SOR HatsTops Vol.3 770x345 1
SOR Hats & Tops Vol. 3 by Resonance Sound 4
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