MicroPitch Pitch Shifter by Eventide

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2020
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MicroPitch Pitch Shifter by Eventide

MicroPitch (Affiliate Link) is a fine-resolution pitch shifter for subtle tone fattening, plus delays for dramatic slap back effects. It can take you beyond the run-of-mill stereo spread effects of simple micro pitch plugins. It goes above and beyond by allowing you to mix in detuned and delayed versions of your source, creating depth and dimensions not possible before. With its expanded controls you can achieve deep pitch dives, haunting echoes, and pristine chorusing effects. 

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MicroPitch (Affiliate Link) is the latest incarnation of an iconic effect originated by Eventide in the 1970s with the H910 and H949 Harmonizers. It was further immortalized by the H3000 a few years later.  With each generation, Eventide has refined, enhanced, and built-on it’s legendary predecessors.

MicroPitch Features

  • Two voices of pitch shifting, one from unison to -50 cents, the other from unison to +50 cents, each with up to 2 seconds of delay
  • Classic stereo-spreading effect
  • Slapback effects using longer delay times
  • TONE for fine-tuning the voices to fit perfectly in your mix
  • PITCH MIX for layering the two voices by setting the balance between each shifted delay
  • MOD DEPTH and RATE for a chorusing effect on each voice
  • FEEDBACK for pitch dive/rise effects
  • Intuitive UI for ease of use
  • Tempo for synchronized and unique delay effects 
  • Presets based on iconic uses of the MicroPitch effect 
  • RIBBON lets you ‘play’ the effect in real-time and provides dynamic and fluid control to morph back and forth between the settings of your choice 
  • MIXLOCK keeps MIX control constant as you audition presets
  • Available for Mac and PC as VST, AAX, and AU plug-in
  • iOS version works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 plug-in, or Inter-App Audio effect

MicroPitch’s Proud Legacy

Eventide originated the micropitch effect by accident in the early 1970s with the introduction of the world’s first digital audio effects box, the H910 Harmonizer®. The design of the H910 predates large (and medium) scale integrated circuits, including analog-to-digital converters, sample rate standards, and digital signal processing algorithms. The H910’s system clock was not crystal-based but instead used an LC (inductor/capacitor) oscillator circuit which proved to be just a tad unstable. As a result, the pitch ratio would wiggle about. Early owners of the H910, especially studios that could afford two, discovered that setting the pitch ratio on one H910 to ‘flicker’ between 0.99 and 1.00, while adjusting another to flicker 1.00 and 1.01, resulted in a rich spread stereo effect. And, a few adventurous engineers like Tony Visconti working with David Bowie and Brian Eno on Low, discovered that combining a tiny bit of pitch change, a short delay and feedback created something new and exciting – “Pitch Dive!”. 

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Eventide’s second Harmonizer, the H949, introduced in the mid 1970s, ‘fixed’ the randomness of the H910 by incorporating a rock-steady crystal oscillator. The H949 provided a number of new features made possible by digital audio – reverse effects, de-glitching and “u PC” (“u” being engineering speak for ‘micro’) – thereby formally introducing this new effect into the pro audio lexicon. The H949 was also an early digital audio device, 100% DSP/CPU-free, predominately analog, and, to achieve small, precise, deviations of pitch it employed using a radio technique called Single Side Band modulation. 

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MicroPitch Pitch Shifter by Eventide 7

With the introduction of the DSP-based Eventide H3000 Harmonizer®, an enhanced version of the MicroPitch effect was developed and the effect became a ‘go-to’ tool for audio pros and artists worldwide. Today’s MicroPitch continues the long tradition of offering ever-expanding capabilities to this fundamental effect.

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Platform Compatibility

  • Windows 7+ AAX 32/64-bit, VST2 32/64-bit, VST3 32/64-bit
  • macOS 10.9+ AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit
  • iOS 11.0+ AUv3 64-bit, Inter-App Audio 64-bit, Standalone 64-bit

Availability and Intro Pricing

MicroPitch (Affiliate Link) is available at different retailers right now. It is also available for iOS in the App Store.

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