Tape Pieces Vol. 2 by Chris Child & Micah Frank

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 8 April 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Tape Pieces Vol. 2 by Chris Child & Micah Frank

Tape Pieces Vol. 2 represents the next installment in the collaboration between composer Chris Child (Kodomo) and sound artist Micah Frank. The Release will be in Digital & Cassette.

While the first EP focused on the layering and cascading of asynchronous tape loops, this second EP pushes the tape loops further into drone territory, dissolving the sense of a repetition through the heavy use of filtering with effects so the loops blur together and bear just an echo of resemblance to its original. The pieces are slower to evolve, exploring longer and amorphous forms, as in “Static Wheels”, which clocks in at just over 10 minutes.


  • 01. Distances
  • 02. Static Wheels
  • 03. Every Comet
  • 04. Kettle Cove 

As with the last EP, the songs emerged out of a weeklong jam session in Chris’s Portland Studio. Favoring two TASCAM 4-Tracks, the two recorded layers of short tape loops using a few vintage synths and a Rhodes. The loops were further disseminated into drones though an array of guitar pedals. Field recordings from Portland’s coasts were subtly woven in, providing a tactile sense of place which inspired the moods of these pieces.

The physical release of Tape Pieces Vol. 2 features a high bias cassette tape and artwork from Portland, Maine based artist Bryan Graf. Only 50 copies are available. The first 20 sold will ship with a 10.5″ W x 13″ L poster print featuring the cover art. All poster prints will be signed and numbered by Bryan and Chris. 

About Chris Child & Micah Frank

Chris Child is an Emmy award winning composer based in Portland, Maine and produces electronic music under the moniker Kodomo. In 2018 he founded the label Foil Imprints with the intention to release inspired electronic music, highlighting the diverse interests among its artists. Child’s music has appeared in numerous TV shows and video games, and is regularly played on NPR.  Micah Frank is a Brooklyn-based sound programmer and electronic music composer. He is the owner of the Puremagnetik music and sound label. His instruments and compositions have appeared in numerous publications including Remix, XLR8R, PBS, Computer Music, Keys and many more. In 2011, Micah won a NYFA grant for his sound installation project Junction. 

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