Ghosthack Bundle for Filmmakers, Music Producers, and Video Game Developers

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 6 September 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Do you want to create the perfect horror atmosphere in your next film? Ghosthack has created a bundle of their best dark atmosphere and sound effect packs just for filmmakers, music producers, and video game developers. This is the perfect opportunity to get all of these sounds at once.

Trepidation Volume 3

This pack is perfect for adding that dark and dangerous edge to your music projects or compositing.

Can’t decide on what sound effect would best suit your movie? Get the most popular and modern cinematic-inspired sounds from this collection! There is everything from booming impacts to abstract electronic noise.

So whether you need an impactful explosion or just some glitches for psychological intrigue – we’ve got it all here in one easy download

What’s more, these high-quality recordings come at a great value with many professionally made loops available now through our site’s secure checkout system so there’ll be no fumbling around trying to find something good when inspiration strikes without having spent hours scouring YouTube looking fruitlessly everywhere else

Couple watching horror movie

A perfect bundle for visual media producers and video game developers! Ghosthack bundled their best dark atmosphere and sound effect packs into one large collection of deep and frightening sounds. The perfect opportunity to get all of these amazing sounds at once.

Whether you like your horror films jump scares or brooding, dark and scary – this collection has something for everyone.


You will be discovering a world of sounds with even more cinematic-inspired unnerving ambiances, epic impacts, and tense risers that are long haunting drones. You can also expect to hear some disturbing pads while you’re out exploring in search of secrets hidden within these environments!

A lot has changed since our last email exchange but don’t worry because there is plenty here just waiting patiently until its time comes calling again; synths decorated by nightmarish melodies or abstract sound effects which create an otherworldly feel without being too loud so they won’t break any sleep sessions – now those would require quite the opposite approach

Everything you need for a thrilling and memorable masterpiece! You can create an unforgettable masterpiece with this bundle of tools!

Trepidation – Dark Horror FX

“Trepidation Dark Horror FX” is the perfect soundscape to keep you up at night. With a wide array of modern cinematic sounds, it’s guaranteed that no matter what scary movie or TV show you watch will have some new Terrifying noises for added scares!

Expect chilling, cinematic-inspired sounds to perfectly complement your video production. Epic impacts and tense risers will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The range is vast – everything from long haunting drones that make for an uneasy experience all the way through glitches in scenes or ominous noises making their presence known as well. And if it’s not enough already: nightmarish synths are just waiting around every corner ready to terrify us even further into this world we’ve built ourselves out of fears rather than truths…

This pack will also fit in well with any genre for adding a dark cinematic edge and is great to use on media projects, video games or composers. All pads are labeled by key so you can drop your favorite sounds into the chosen DAW without hassle!

Dark Atmospherics

There’s an entire library of sounds in this pack inspired by modern horror games and cinema. They include everything from footsteps to monster growls, so you can make any scene scary as hell!

While Dark Atmospherics may be an instrumental album, it’s the sound effects that make this piece so chilling. From drones and risers to abstract hits with a heavy bass line or percussive thud-these are all paired beautifully against haunting melodies played on melodica by someone who sounds as if they’re crying in their sleep every night without fail-creating such deep atmospheres you’ll feel like your skin is crawling right along side them while listening!

If you’re looking for a unique collection of sounds to get your heart racing and blood pumping then look no further! The Ghosthack Bundle for Filmmakers, Music Producers, and Video Game Developers is available now!

Beware- these sounds will creep up on even the most seasoned listeners.

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