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Hypnotic State by Abstract Sounds




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Hypnotic State by Abstract Sounds

Hypnotic State (Affiliate Link) is a collection of incredibly high-quality samples’ loops, influenced by the music of the likes of  So Inagawa, Ricardo Villalobos, East End Dubs to name but a few. Hypnotic State is going to provide you with the best tool for the production of memorable sonic experiences.

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The pack merges professionally crafted hats, claps, kicks and percussions samples, making up a wide and vary collections of grooves as well as a great array of unconventional textures to give a different feel and atmospheres to your creations.

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Hypnotic State

Hypnotic State (Affiliate Link) samples will be the right inspiration for producers looking into making the first and right steps into the world of Micro House, Minimal, Techno and all of their declination.

These samples included in Hypnotic State (Affiliate Link) were actually conceived in studio and they are the coral result of different techniques and instruments. The Hypnotic State pack comprises of analogue machines such as Moog, Peak, Minilogue, MicroFreak aimed at bringing out unique sounds, the Tascam DR-05X used for recording real life sounds which are then re-worked for a more experimental and personal touch, as well as other modular synthesisers alongside plug-ins’ instruments for the creation of percussions and drums sounds, like the Elektron Model:Cycles or Digitakt, as well as on point kick sounds realised with the  Vermona Kick Lancet. This ensemble produces an heterogeneous assortment of sounds.

Abstract Sound is inspired by the best underground vinyl releases of labels like Perlon, Yoyaku, PIV, EASTENDERZ & Cabaret and our purpose is to transmit this sound in your productions. For this, all sounds are professionally produced to take your productions to a higher level.

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