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Triple Spiral Audio Launches Channel Robot – Atmosia 2

Atmosia 2 is a 4 voice Atmospheric/Cinematic instrument ideal for film, TV, advertising, and video game production as well as ambient and similar genres. A comprehensive extension to Atmosia 1 that now features over 580 sound sources from Atmosia 1, Electria 1, Mechia 1 and Firewalker as well as over 200 all-new presets.

Atmosia 2 is the first of our instruments to feature Channel Robot’s all-new A|B voice control – flip between Voice A and Voice B to compare your changes or load entirely different presets into each slot and morph between them to get new sound output.

Triple Spiral Audio Launches Channel Robot – Atmosia 2 1
Triple Spiral Audio Launches Channel Robot – Atmosia 2 2

Atmosia 2 also features Channel Robot’s new Sound Browser – a category based sound selector that uses tagging to quickly narrow your search to the best sound sources for your needs. You can further restrict your sound selection using our text search facility. You can load sounds into any of the 4 voices whilst in the Sound Browser so you can discover and audition new combinations quickly.

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In Atmosia 2 Channel Robot extended and improved our randomization system so there are now independent randomization options for Voices, Modelling, and Drones allowing you to tailor your sound design to your needs.


Atmosia 2 is available at the intro price of €55,00 untill June, 6th 2020(VAT included)

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